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  1. Eric thought process
    I raised you bc I think I’m behind

    1. What do you do in that situation? He saved money lol if he wouldโ€™ve kept betting he wouldโ€™ve put more than $12,000 in

    2. @@justinwinningham4892 how could you possibly rationalize raising when you think your behind to a strong hand, that you know is never folding. he thought she had a set

    3. โ€‹@@justinwinningham4892kept betting?? You must be new to poker he was never betting he called flop and raised turn

  2. Everyone saying tilly missed value like a board pair wouldn’t have rolled her hand out of the water

    1. โ€‹@Hellzapopp1n there are no hands that beat her on the turn. If it pairs on the river she’s dead yes.

    2. 8 outs. 17% chance to lose. I might take that chance to make 50k more

    3. @aztecwarrior9729ย  lots of us would call the turn and then it’d pair on the river and we’d just lose. But it’s the right play.

    1. Tilly over bet. She could have called him and he would have put money in after the river too.

    2. โ€‹@SauceOnChickenBall over bet?
      2.4 x raise.. wasn’t much at all lol
      The small raise was a very much a value size and he sniffed her out.

  3. Very respectable lay down. Lots of players wouldโ€™ve gone broke there.

  4. Raising to fold to a reraise is mathemtically correct and the solvers nowadays overlook this heavily.

    1. Lol “mathematically correct”? Ok ๐Ÿ˜‚You should tell the solvers you’re better than them.

    2. @@paulg6274i gave this information to you and to the world for free. But let me explain this it costs less $ to reraise early than to call a river bet where there should be a decent bluff frequency but if the opponent underbluffs the turn with a balanced river bluff percentage you would still fold the river because on the turn the bluff percentage is too low. Tilly is known to be a lady and she calls bluffs and goes on with made hands. AA was well played.

    1. That why the joke she did on the simpsons was funny “raised your voice to be cute and take all of there money” close to the quote

  5. You have to love Jennifer Tilly. Not only is she a top-notch actress and a unique eccentric and fun personality, she can really play with the big boys

  6. I’ve seen so many losses with pocket aces that I’m almost afraid to have them ๐Ÿ˜‚

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