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  1. This girl needs to go back to school to learn more about basic math and estimation.

  2. That’s a nice hit, but given that it’s on a $125.00 bet (250 x 50 cents), I wouldn’t call it “huge.” I’ve hit multiple (same day) $8,000 jackpots on $10.00 bets, so a $6,625.00 jackpot relative to a $125.00 bet is simply not something to get overly excited about… and, worse, it’s just not sustainable; in fact, only 50 spins in–say, about 10 minutes of play (assuming an extremely slow-paced play of approx 5 spins per minute)–and that “huge” jackpot is essentially wiped out.
    And, please understand that I’m not trying to be mean-spirited or a ‘Negative-Nancy’ here; rather, I simply wish to help you keep it real and diminish the possibility that some of your viewers may fall into the delusional belief that gambling in the manner that you and I do is in any way a long-term winning proposition. Sadly, that’s how many addicted gamblers are born.

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