You’ve never seen $50/hand Ultimate X before 😳 High Limit Video Poker VLOG 182

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For Patreon and Channel Members this is part five of session # 37 of the year and you can see my 21 various stats I track from the session on the file you have access to.

You’ve never seen $50/hand before 😳 High Limit VLOG 182

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  1. I thought Mandalay Bay was closing for renovation. Sure looks like their video poker could use it. Booo. Like watching the play tho. 👍

  2. Once the crown jewel of the strip, now it is a dump. You were spot on in your description.

  3. Slots have taken over most of the casino floors. One of my locals was sold and when it reopened, really tall slots were there. It once had 90% video poker. After a year more video poker were replaced by slots. Now only a few VP remain. Slots are a mindless activity. They are real money makers for the casinos as well. Good luck!!!

    1. Having only slots are one way of keeping me — and many others — from casino gambling. Dumb marketing move — we’re not all mindless zombies just feeding money into machines with bright lights and cartoon graphics.

    2. @Kathleen Mcnamara Thank goodness most Casinos still have some VP machines. I’ve also noticed the Black Jack pits getting more and more crowded out with stupid, high-house-edge card games too.

  4. Always so funny to see you so annoyed. This is normal play. And UltimateX, very bad idea, the added volatility just makes you bleed money. The other day, I was dealt quad 3s. On the draw, the Ace showed up. The game was Deuces Wild. Talk about annoying!

  5. Casinos prefer reel slots to video poker because the hold is much higher on reel slots

  6. Bellagio vp machines buttons don’t work much of the time. I stayed there last spring 4 nights and gambled elsewhere 90% of my stay. The room was dated and not the cleanest either. Good luck. 🍀🍀. Your kids really are adorable. 💙💙❤️

  7. Stop going to MB after I had permission to film, hit a $4200 handpay and was told i couldn’t film anymore. No problem, take my business elsewhere.

  8. Wow bummer, that was a terrible machine, very cold. I like that game ultimate single line, I’ve never tried it, must be hard to find?

  9. I typically come here for alil inspiration before I hit the tables….this is not what I needed to see. Slotmassacre is right

  10. Yep. I sometimes stay at the Aria and they have taken out a lot of the VP machines. There is still some at the bars with horrible pay tables and maybe 20 scattered throughout the casino floor. The glitzy slots that look beautiful but eat your money have taken over. I’ll stick with Stations properties or South Point.

    1. Stations has replaced the older 3 play poker machines with newer styke poker machines that I swear are tighter than the old. Stations is getting progressively more greedy and anti-locals. They don’t want the nickle and dime action from locals, they want the rollers who are going to dump and don’t care about comps and perks.

    2. @David Huntington it may feel like the vp machines are “tighter”, but they aren’t. Vegas is so regulated with the gaming commission that wouldn’t happen. I like the newer bigger vp machines just from an ergonomic standpoint and easier to see and play. If anything that is good for the casinos because it would make it easier for the players to play for longer. Remember those old upright vp machines? Those were HORRIBLE from a comfort standpoint. Or maybe I’m just old, lol!

  11. Welp! G2E will be a winning trip for you buddy!! Will be nice to see ya again!!

  12. That was painful to watch and reminds me why I stay away from Ultimate X.

  13. Looks like you were there for the kids, the pay tables aren’t good there. I don’t play X or any game that I need to pay more than 5 coins in. Sorry you got hosed, but always enjoy watching your play. Thanks for the video. Wynn Wynn

  14. I completely understand where you are coming from when it comes to VP machines at Mandalay Bay. Bonus poker is non existent 🙁 Same issue at Palazzo.The Bellagio is hands down the best MGM Vegas casino when it comes to a good assortment of machines. But I have to say that I love the property. It’s always a family trip for me and we stay over on the Delano side. Every room is a suite with 1 1/2 bathrooms and 2 separate rooms. I play video poker in the sports book and Rhythm and Riff bar, and, although the pay tables aren’t great, I’ve had good luck at both. I play $1 denom. Joe, the bartender at R&R is very entertaining! Charge all dining to the room, so I haven’t had that issue with comps. Have never had a reason to go to the food court, but, yes, it’s a long walk. So is the pool, but it is the best one available at MGM, in my opinion. I live in Cincinnati, so I’m used to terrible paytables, lol!

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