You KNEW this MONSTER was coming! West Coast Video Poker Tour II, VLOG 133

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You KNEW this MONSTER was coming! West Coast Video Poker Tour II, VLOG 133

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  1. Love Laughlin can’t wait for that one Love to play video poker at Harrahs

  2. thnx for sharing your coin in coin out… I was wondering how you went from $600 to over $2000. Continued luck and safe travels. 🍀🍀

  3. Good run on the high stakes bartops at the end. Somewhat brutal that the casino requires 15 coin bet to get the 800 for 1 Royal Flush payout rather than the usual 5 coin bet.

  4. Congrats, man. You needed that. Keep up the fight. We are cheering for ya.😎

  5. Always a relief seeing one of your magical hands! Wishing you the very best of luck!!

  6. “Deservin’s got nothin’ to do with it.” 🤠. May the law of large numbers continue to rule in your favor 👍

  7. Full optimal strategy for OEJ is one of the more complex charts. Up there with 10/7 DB and FP JWKoB

  8. Ya know that 5 of a kind with 1 deuce game isn’t half bad to play. At least I’ve had good luck over time with it. Keep up the great videos 😎

  9. Once the slot person counts out the money, she is not supposed to touch the money. Eliminates the possibility the player tries to say she short changed him. Did you tip her?

  10. Good hit V. P. GOD. keep it up. When you coming to so. Cal. We want to watch in person a while man.

  11. I hate tossing those straight flushes containing three deuces but we have to be able to happily make that play or not Bonus Deuces Wild. You had 3 starting deuces at least 5 times! (They could have converted once to restore your bankroll! Nonetheless, those Aces healed a lot of wounds. (I like your ongoing quiet conversation rather than the distracting music that some other bloggers blast.)

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