You Just Never Know in this Game. High Limit Video Poker Vlog, 114.

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How many licks does it take to hit a Royal Flush? Final part of Session #2 of the year
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You Just Never Know in this Game. High Limit Video , 114.

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    1. i always say no specially when play $25 denom or higher.. its not our obligation

    2. @Steve P being able to has nothing to do with it.. The point is u do not have to play another hand if u don’t want to. Plain and simple

    3. I’ve always been asked. I’ve been told that they have to shut off the machine or spin it with a slot attendant’s till to get it off the screen.

  1. Years ago when casinos had tokens, we would put tokens in then have the customer spin it off. After the casinos went to vouchers there were no free spins. But yes they want you to spin it off so someone doesn’t try to scam. It doesn’t matter really because the jackpot won’t come up in the system and checking the machine will see it was keyed off to clear.!

  2. Where was this filmed, that you had the double up option? I’ve been looking all over for that!

  3. Nice! Queen ace into quad aces, that always feels great!
    Great video!

  4. So I guess the lesson to learn from this channel about video poker is that it’s not about strategy or even the game you play it’s about BANKROLL…..can’t see it any other way

  5. What’s the deal with this version of video poker? It seems the payouts for 4 of a kinds are only half of what they are on other versions. Or am I missing something?

  6. Greetings from Torrance! A few hours of sleep, cup of coffee, and the machines start warming up. You had a smile on your face at the end so I know it was a good day. Thanks again!

  7. Nice Surprise Hit On Aces! It brings you back up to go after it all over again!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  8. Times a tickin’ buddy. You are supposed to get that Royal this month so step it up!

  9. Would love to Join the Graton Group Pull. I love 10mins from there. Can you shout me the info. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Thanks

  10. Well done again! In terms of having to play one more hand after hitting a taxable hand, I believe legally you don’t have to. I’m not 100% sure, but I think you playing another hand is a courtesy because you can stop playing altogether anytime you want.

  11. Did you ever notice how surprisingly often that when you have 3 of a kind, the cards that come up equal the card you need. Example you held three Queens (Queen =12) and the two cards that came up were an 8 and a 4. Add those up and you get 12 (Q)
    The same happened with three 7’s, the two cards that came up were a 4 and a 3, add those together and they equal seven (7), the card you needed.
    This happens often on three of a kinds.
    The only reason I mention this is I have my doubts about the random number generator.

    1. They actually have a video poker game called “Quick Quads”. It plays exactly how you mentioned. If the 2 cards add up to your 3 of a kind you win!!

  12. I used to move machines in the spot you were in. I forced myself over the years to stay on the hot machine and ride it until it dies.🤑🤑🤑

  13. at least you are finally playing bonus poker despite the 7/5 hit. it doesn’t really matter in the short term at all, that’s where the real money is made. hard to see the swings in ddb or tdb with the high bets…but that’s why its fun as well.

  14. I always thought the casino wanted you to play an extra hand/extra spin (slot machines) because people are superstitious and wouldn’t want to play that machine since it just hit a jackpot.

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