WSOP MAIN EVENT Day 1D Vlog 2024

WSOP Centerpiece Day 1D 2024, In this vlog we play video poker and slots, and have a day of rest before we play the centerpiece but Danny Lazrus plays his day 1

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Video Editing By @ramseyboeckholt on instagram
and boristheshmelkin
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WSOP Day 1D Vlog 2024

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  1. Mike Matusow speeding by with his scooter is my favourite side character

    1. @@culu37 I’d finally get a pokergo subscription if they would stream that game with the pimped out scooter on the table where the cash and bracelet usually is

  2. Dgen in full effect. You and Danny are looking like walruses with those mustaches

  3. No way this gets uploaded 5 minutes before i eat lunch. thats so sick. +EV

  4. 4:25 this is a vibe 😂 this break area is so good. Friendliest people around especially if you have weed 😂

  5. danny hitting the vape in his sleeve like hes a highschooler is hilarious

  6. Why is Chris Moneymaker’s banner not on the wall in the Horseshoe? Every main event winner from every year has a banner on the wall with their photo since 1970, except for Chris? It goes from 2002 Robert Varkonyi to 2004 Greg Raymer, but no 2003.

  7. I think your channel is very entertaining. Wish you luck in the main!

  8. Dude you’ll never be out of poker unless you don’t want to be in it. You’re way too entertaining to too many people. Just come up with a schedule to play, stream and record vlogs and we’ll all stay interested which keeps you in poker always. GL always!!

  9. Ryan, fear is the mind killer… play your best, take your spots as they come and we’ll talk dnegs into forgiving your makeup:)

  10. your vulnerability behind all the jokes and content is why everyone is pulling for you, kid. Good luck today and rack em!

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