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Winning Tip & Tournaments. High Limit Video Poker VLOG 148

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  1. Stats are interesting, but theoretical. 136 hands from when I sit down? If I switch machines can I start over? What if I cash out and start over? 🤔
    Thank you for posting 😎

  2. That was very interesting. Read I’ve listened to the wizard of odds a few times and don’t remember hearing that so I need to go back and rewatch some of his video logs. So my question is since I’m coming from Texas and I go maybe 3 or 4 times a year when I get there I really wanna play video poker. So do you think I would be following his recommendation if I played 3 sessions a day at 138 hands pee session? Thanks I really do enjoy your channel.

  3. Big Fan! I’m having a hard time understanding your 138 hands comment! So my best chance of winning is to stop after 138 hands, walk around the casino and start again? The deal is fresh each hand with no memory of past hands so how can that be a factor? Enjoy your channel!

  4. The optimal hands you should play is 1 hand only if you cannot choose 0…. 136 hands is complete nonsense… every hand is independent of the next hand and the previous hand… this is literally the definition of the gambler’s fallacy, thinking that the machine has a memory… please share a link of Michael Shackleford’s “mathematical genius” article


  6. Wait, that wizard of odds thing makes absolutely zero sense.

    Say the optimal number of hands is 100 (just for simplicity’s sake).

    If this is true, then after 100 hands, you should stop…. and do what? never play again? If you do play again, what, do you only play 100 hands?

    If that’s true, then what’s the difference between just playing 200 hands at once? Each hand is independent – the machine doesn’t know whether it’s dealt a 200-hand session or 2 100-hand sessions.

  7. The key words you mentioned was playing accurately. Over the years I have seen some illogical holds by players. There is also the luck element too. I play nearly everyday. Some days are horrible and some great. I believe you and John play close to perfect strategy. Hope you have super great luck!! Waiting for another video!!

  8. Interesting comment on optimum hands. I would of thought a royal cycle…which of course, is way more than 138 hands…more like closer to 40,000 hands. On a game like 9/6 JOB when the RNG is spinning and each hand is supposed to be independent from the last, I have a hard time seeing this logic of 138 hands. BUT…Then again… I’m no math wizard and no Wizard of Odds. I know there are two camps of VP players…the short session players and the long session players. Perhaps there are arguments to be made for both camps. But you make interesting arguments for the short term session player. E.G. Not playing tired, needing a smaller bankroll, the “taking money and running” mentality, less time investment, so forth…

  9. The thing I don’t understand is that you don’t need to go to Vegas to gamble….most states offer gambling options including video poker….

  10. Is get out of dodge mean that machine that particular game that casino that day ? Is that theory based on 24hrs a week a year ? Cuz I don’t buy it.

  11. All I have to say Andrew is, “hold that Kicker”. Boom $100,000 for the 🎙 Drop!

  12. So at 800 hands an hour average, then in 10 minutes you’re done playing the 136 hands! I will say this though, in my experience, 50% of the Royals that I have hit were accomplished in 20 minutes or less on average. So in approximately 267 hands, (50% of the time in a session where a Royal occurs) I hit one! Somebody Quick! Give me $50,000 so I can go hit a $2,000,000 Royal Flush on the $500 Coin machine in 267 hands for the Royal (a 50/50 Shot!) I do agree with, Slotmassacre, though. Sometimes: “Less is More”!😝🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

    1. Hi John: I think you are on to something. I saw a video clip of someone hitting that exact VP game at Cosmo where Andrew won $100k. Instead, that person play 10x more per hand and won $1 million dollars. I will start counting my hands to see what happens. The two times I got the Royals, I also got them within 20 minutes of play, at 25 cents denomination. Time to up the bet!

    2. @ThePecunious You’re on the right track. One day, when I visit your casino market area, we’ll get together and play some. There’s a few tidbits that you’ll need to know to help you on your Quest and I will share those with you. Keep playing smart!😁🙌🙌🙌🌎

  13. I agree with much of what was said here, the only thing I would caveat is “bet an uncomfortable amount”. It should read “don’t be afraid to lose your entire bankroll”. If you can’t afford to lose it all, then you probably should not be betting that much. Bet as high as you want, just don’t be afraid to lose it all

    1. It was kind of a joke, I was miss quoting what Vital Vegas says as a nod to Scott which is “tip an uncomfortable amount”. I agree with you I probably should have clarified that but in essence when you hit a new property your best possible play is or play higher than normal, for an hour or two tops to generate the best possible bounce back offers for the coming months.

  14. The 136 hand analysis is being taken out of context. 

    The question posed was whether a guy should bet on whether his friend would be ahead after a four hour JoB session. The WOO found that the friend would have to play 136 hands to maximize his odds of having a winning session. Therefore the guy should always take the bet at even money.

    In other words, in a vacuum of a single session, independent of all other sessions, 136 hands played gives you the best chance of being on the right side of even. However, in real life the hand counter doesn’t reset from session to session, and independent events are….independent of time.

    It also does not say anything about EV which is always .9954 * handle. It also says nothing about the average amount you’re ahead that 39% vs. the average amount you’re down the other 61%. Can’t leave that part out.

    That said, when playing any negative EV game, I agree short sessions are better for captain obvious reasons. I also agree that when your main casino kickback is loss back, then short, high variance sessions are ideal. 

    But when you’re at 100% or time is factored into free play, then hammer the button.

  15. Lies on top of Lies.. how do you sleep at night knowing you are lying to yourself

  16. Sensai! I hit my 5th Career Royal last night. Your talents have rubbed off on us Subscribers! I did it on a 9/6 JoB. I’m also a fan of Mike Shakelford as well!

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