What a comeback! High Limit Video Poker.

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What a comeback! High Limit Video Poker.

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    1. That is why Bonus Poker and Bonus Poker Deluxe is for suckers..won 200 coins instead of 2000..smh..

    2. @Joel B. I love bonus poker because your bankroll doesn’t get depleted quickly and aces,2’s,3’s,4’s pay nicely. I also got a $8,000 royal playing $2 denomination.

  1. Andrew, thanks for all the work on the live streams (and your team). Hey don’t get too down about not winning that tournament. You are doing it for real. Safe travels.

  2. Dang, I was hoping you’d switch back to Triple Double or Double Double after hitting the quad 10’s…but, hey, nothing wrong with a cool grand…smiles! These last 8 videos, switching between the Tournament and solo play was really entertaining to watch. 15k subscribers is coming quick, IMO.

  3. Mike Postle, A God in Texas hold’em and now video poker! What a legend!

  4. took your advice and went to google You suggested something in such a hush hush way. l will not mention the name but it was well worth reading and l have to believe there was collusion with an employee. l enjoy ur play

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