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  1. Love your honesty! Big Aloha for you Andrew🤙🏼Best wishes on your journey!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  2. Greetings from Torrance! Love what you do because of all the excitement, but also because of your warmth and honesty! Keep up the great work. Forget the detractors. You have a lot of people who support you. Thanks again!

  3. I appreciate you bruh tough me how to maneuver, children hospital would take the hair. Prayers and blessings to you and your family, and the success in the world

  4. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐You’ve Come A Long way Andrew this beats the “shutdown” anyday!! I’m so Impressed and Happy for you going on these AWESOME tours!! Can’t wait to see you in VEGAS someday! You Rock it ALWAYS👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🎰♠️♥️♦️♠️♥️

  5. Nice format for getting to know the “behind the scenes” details of your video poker journey, Andrew. Your segment on Elko sparked my interest. I’ll have to venture out that way with you one of these days. There’s many more casinos to explore in SoCal when you come back down: Yaamava’, Barona, Morongo, Fantasy Springs, Soboba, Sycuan, Viejas, etc. The casino’s name near Harrah’s SoCal (that slipped your mind) was Valley View casino. They give very good bounce-back offers too, like Graton does. It’s always fun & informative watching your channel. I’m very fortunate in being on this video poker journey with you at the same time. What a Blast!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  6. Thanks for the wrap up and answer to questions. Looking forward to continuing to watch you play and learn from your sessions. I’d say living in UT may be safer haha. I moved to Vegas and have that temptation to play all the time since its so accessible. Keep up the good work, will try to find your restaurant if ever in your area of UT.

  7. So sad there’s haters. Why can’t they just enjoy the play? What purpose is there in accusations anyways? I think your method of posting is just how it should be; Vlogs in order with play or special stuff peppered in. I, for one think you offer a unique channel and experience and humor and yes, REALITY, unavailable elsewhere. Keep up the play, keep doing what you’re doing. 😎

  8. Nice job Andrew. Thanks for the info. The $1 progressive Joker Poker in house links killed me at Resorts AC this month after having an incredible March & April with 10 W2G’s. I had to leave a macine last night that was at $4,785 because I ran out of money. Not one straight flush! I think my next trip to pick up my free play, I’ll try the $1 Bonus Poker. Question, have you ever had a casino cut your free play down while playing at any one property? I was getting $120 a day and they cut me down to $60 a day for June and my rate of play has increased. Their marketing games are terrible at Resorts AC.

  9. Hey Andrew, I am liking the sit down review chats and the updated “lucky” flamingo shirt. I am curious about your car🤔

  10. I really enjoyed this video. So out of the norm for you but informative and interesting. I love playing Triple Double and I know the odds aren’t as good but I do pretty well normally for a casual player. I will be going to Aliante next month and I’ve never stayed there so I’m hoping they have some decent machines. It’s refreshing to know you do your own thing and that you’re not coerced into changing anything. Keep them coming buddy.

  11. Thank you Andrew for sharing and teaching us. Don’t worry about those that hate on you let it be your fuel to prove them wrong

  12. Good stuff Andrew and thank you for sharing. Good luck and see ya at the slant tops👍👍

  13. I just want to thank you for all the great content I’m a big fan watching channel all the time I’m from Las Vegas keep kicking some butt buddy

  14. Was in town for the Thursday card at Resorts World (nice joint) and the Saturday Canelo – Bivol TMobile card. After the Canelo – Bivol weigh in I hit the Cosmo HLR to sit in Slotmassacre’s chair and played $10 coin Bonus Poker – first time for me at that level of play – what a rush. Also sat in Bigkat’s chair where he re-racked that $5K four deuces on deuces wild in that group pull where he made us all healthy. Ended up + $800 for the Cosmo HLR session and just got an offer from Cosmo (probably a teaser) that I will use for Canelo -GGG III which is Sept 17. Big thanks to AP and JK.

  15. Thank you Andrew, great insights. Started watching early on due your Wendover play. I appreciate the time and effort you you spend producing your “products ” plus tech skills. All for the love of the game and a few bucks . Well wishes to all!!

  16. Love this summary/recap, Andrew of your recent West Coast Trip! Looking forward to future content! Didn’t know if you saw the official email/letter that MGM is now taking over Cosmo and is now part of the MGM properties. As I mentioned in previous comments, I have found with the re-grand opening of The Palms, their VP games are pretty good! Great pay tables and progressives! I have already hit 2 royals and 3 quad aces (w/kickers) in the 6 trips I have had there since re-opening. Not sure if this is a grand opening plot to get tourists and especially locals to frequently visit the property…but it’s working! Great restaurants, sports book, movie theatre, and other amenities. Planning a little ‘staycation’ hotel stay there to see how their rooms are soon!

  17. Thanks for answering my questions Andrew. Crazy how far you’ve come, man. I hit subscribe when you had 400 followers. It’s awesome to watch your brand grow!

  18. Glad you shaved. Your kids are adorable and glad you’re taking them along on some trips (my grandkids used to LOVE playing at casino arcades and then ordering room service). Lastly, hope to see you at Graton again. Their free play is indeed generous and I’ve had great luck there despite playing more like Bigkats and less by the book.

  19. Nice recap Andrew 👍🏻 personally I found it even more interesting and insightful than many of the vp vids. It’s a testament that there are many ways to skin a cat, and Bob Dancer’s way is a way but not the only way. Very few can make the black playing this vp game, me included. I always like to say…if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 😉 I raise a toast 🥂to your continued success. I’m dealing wsop yet again, if you decide to jump into an event and see me, come say hi. Cheers and looking forward to the third vp tour, whenever that will be. 👍🏻

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