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  1. Love the Orleans. Don’t go as much as I used to but still enjoy it.
    Done well there on video poker.

  2. it would make it much more interesting if on your videos you indicate 1) the casino where you are playing and 2) total coin in and coin out- in other words how much you won or lost tat the particular casino. On something like the West Coast Tour it would make it immeasureably more interesting , especially to those of us who play many of the casinos where you play and could compare how we do at the casino with your play. Actually makes it fun, at least for me. Also a running total so we could see how much you are up or down at any point on the tour would have been nice. On many videos all we see is you play, we don’t know where your playing , if you are up or down during play, or when you leave the total won loss. . Just watching a video with play and nothing else does not cut it – I am a fan but growing disenchanted. I sometimes feel you are going backword on quality of the videos. Sorry to be negative but it is the way I feel.

    1. Your exactly right but sadly cause he is greedy and wants to make money off you the viewer he hides behind a paywall for the most important information

  3. I just really like watching you play.

    Would you drive 11 minutes to play ok to poor paytables or drive an hour and a half to Tahoe for better tables but maybe less often? And by poor, I mean 7/5 JoB, that 10/8 bonus, or 7/5 DDB.

  4. Hi. New to video poker but subscribed and like you/ personality. I’m kinda the same as a few others. Your videos seem to bounce around a lot and hard to follow money in and money out which is fun as a viewer to see. I’m leaning the video poker from you so any time you make a play that is not safe I like it when you explain your thought process on it. I do always like your video when I watch thanks!

  5. Andrew, I have been a video poker player for years. I really enjoy your channel and have learned a ton from watching you. Anyway I can assist you to stay on YouTube please let me know. Thx Brian T

  6. The first West Coast Video Tour was great and this series of videos were amazing as well !!! Keep up this series for a 3rd wcvpt !!! Also love the 80s intro !!!! Keep up the great work Andrew

  7. Thank you for taking us along! I love that you play with your kids! ❤️

    My question is how did you learn vp? Any specific training program?

  8. Thank you Andrew! I love to watch you play and am a subscriber! I am a big VP player myself and have learned a lot from watching you!

  9. Greetings from Torrance! Everyone is going to ask a video poker question, so mine is “What came first, the chicken or the egg? You don’t have to answer. Thanks again for another awesome video! Your hard work is always appreciated. Paul

  10. Andrew you are an awesome poker player! No one is perfect 👍🏼 I’ve been following & subscribed for about 9months and joined your Patreon this year. Want you to know haters will be hater’s, but there’s also people like us that watches you & support your unique way of playing! Keep your head up forward brother and do what you do best!!!!🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  11. Keep these videos coming. I’m watching all your videos more than once. Im a Subscriber and thrilled.


  13. I’ve been watching you play for about 2 years now and the only reason is ( HIGH STAKES POKER ) not the vacation theme, time with family or the room you’re staying or the food you eat. Just want to see HIGH STAKE POKER !!! That’s it. Thanks

  14. I didn’t realize I wasn’t a subscriber. I thought I was, so am glad you mentioned that a lot of viewers are not yet subscribers! I enjoy the way you play video pokers!

  15. Always enjoy the videos, have actually played more of the less volatile vp games since I’ve seen how much longer your bankroll lasts. Still planning to do VP for YouTube full time? Should we expect you to relocate to somewhere where you can play more often instead of commuting?

  16. Hey there. Adrian from South Africa here. One question and one suggestion… question : what exactly makes you switch over from collecting free play mode to crazy high limit ? Suggestion : at the end of each video (or session), maybe add in some stats like session length, in for how much , out for how much etc.

  17. Hi mate, I hope my sub and a few comments help you grow. Its entertaining, you know what your doing, and you explain in enough detail. Nice you bring the B&C out with the kids also, this is your “Real” job now, yes? Anyway, keep at it, would love to see you blow past 100K subs…..

  18. Andrew, enjoy your videos and I was a viewer pretty much every day but now I am a subscriber too!

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