We’re going back to Cali! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 202

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We're going back to Cali! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 202

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  1. Alright!!! Now you’re talkin’! And, Yes, I was shocked that you made it down here! That Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne (Réserve Exclusive Brut) in Curtis’s suite, was really good! Gonna get some for New Year’s Eve!😁🙌🙌🌎

  2. Pala is my local. I play blackjack but occasionally will throw a few hundred at those full pay games in the high limits room.

  3. Just watched NJ slot guy hit a $24,000 win on a high limit slot machine. It was funny because when he hit it I don’t think he was expecting it. He normally goes nuts but went completely silent in shock.

    1. Unlike NJ Slot Guy, Slotmassacre must use skill in order to win his Jackpots. Slot Machines are a major 👎.

    2. @Boogity Bear

      Sure video poker is about choices. No doubt one can make a living playing video poker but it’s always fun to get a visit from Lady Luck.

  4. Great video! I need to find a 9/7 TDB! That Resorts World room looks really nice too!

  5. Greetings from Torrance! Glad you made it back to Cali! Isn’t gambling more fun with friends? Even the drive back to Vegas probably seemed short. That room at Resorts World looks bigger than my house! Glad you guys had fun! Take care and stay warm in Utah!( At least do some skiing!)

  6. Went to Harrahs So Cal on thanksgiving. Played $1 double double and triple double, couldn’t hit anything. Started playing Deuces wild bonus poker, walked away with $2000, hit the 4 wild deuces twice.

  7. Andrew, was the vp paytables at resorts world for $1-$5 denom better than other strip casinos or about the same.

    1. I’m thinking rental. But those Siennas are hot! Guys are tricking them out hybrid acceleration is awesome.

  8. That intro was amazing! I thought I was gonna watch some cheesy 80s movie set in Cali beaches. Fantastic

  9. I see they have some linked progressives VP games out there, jackpots were low though.

  10. Bro we wanna see the results at the end how much u put in and wins and losses u just put whatever video come on

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