Vegas Trippin and Sippin! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 123

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Session # 8 of 2022

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Trippin and Sippin! High Limit Video 123

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  1. I started playing video poker because of you and hit $100 off a $1.25 bet with 4 2s, 3s, 4s… I got 4 3s 🙂

  2. Hey Andrew. You got to go for the straight flush on that…. you are there to win. You throw 20 credits away to try for 250 credits every time.. you were super close. Still had straight or high pay pair
    Good luck and wish u well always.

  3. I will be bringing my lucky slot mass shirt next week!! Royal drought be over!

  4. The room is solid. The view is cool. Makes me miss Vegas. You are too old for tik tok lol.

  5. Omg..I went on Tiktok and one of the comments was “mom, grandma’s on tiktok again!” Ouch! I feel your pain.

  6. You should have had the limo drive thru McD’s to order your dinner. 😀 Thanks for the video.

  7. Looks like the same limo they brought to pick me up for the VP tourney at The D. Hope you enjoyed that ride as much as I did!

  8. Loved the hold on the dealt straight flush (off by one card). I just had one the other day on $10 coin and “had” to hold for the straight as well!🥵🙌🙌🌎

    1. Open outside straight ya gotta go for it and if not usually a flush reward.

  9. Hey Andrew….glad you and Doc are having some fun! Jager 💣 is Docs middle name ! 😆

  10. Don’t you normally fly Frontier? I’ve seen you take them in a few other past videos…..

  11. I guess it’s a personal thing but I wouldn’t want a giant tv for a view.

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