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  1. Love the high high stakes action.
    AK suited is $8.50 better than the gutshot.

    1. ya bonus poker: Two suited face cards, Two suited pair, both trump a gutshot to straight flush. I hold nothing if gutshot to a regular straight and hope for 2 pairs. Deuces wild is different as there are 8 cards that can fill instead of only 4. DDB 2 pair only pays 5 credits so people go for the gutshot. I don’t play DDB as too much variance for my blood.

  2. When a machine nose dives I generally play another game for a few hands and go back. Or I pull out the ticket, my card and pause a few. Most times when I rejoin the game I see a different personality and have a better time. Good luck!!!!

    1. Yes, I agree or hit the deal button to refresh if not go to another game then come back

    2. It never seems to pull out of a nosedive past a certain point. Those who have played this game enough know when that is lol…. it took a long time to quit fighting the machine for me… still do it from time to time but not near as much. When your little voice says cash it out, do as your told. Its much easier to say than do, unfortunately

  3. Seeing the swing down from 7k back i can relate. If this is your grind now take small wins and twice a mo have a fund for these Hail Marys

  4. Hope there’s a win coming so I can breathe again!! Good luck and thank you for posting all aspects of the game. Definitely not for the weak of heart or pocket book.

  5. I pucker up playing dollar poker, can’t imagine playing the high limit hands like you!!
    Also, I like it a lot better when you talk during your play. Keep up the great content.

  6. Man, it’s tough playing with one hand while filming with the other! We’ll get’em when you come down here to SoCal, Andrew!

  7. Hope to run into you this weekend.. Going to play some video poker with the skills ii have gained from watching you…😬

  8. Dude this is why I didn’t go into the level you’re at. I stayed at 10 dollar a hand bonus poker deluxe. I didn’t want hand pays for anything under a royal. Every flush or 4 of a kind really fucks with your taxes.

    1. There’s a bill just introduced to raise the reporting threshold to $5K. Not holding my breath, but would sure be nice if it passes. The $1200 threshold was set in 1974!

    2. @Gregory Schmidt yea, doubt it’ll pass. $1200 for us high limit players is horrible. I have a huge stack over $900k worth of W2Gs for 2021.

    3. @Gregory Schmidt there’s actually bipartisan support for the bill since it’s really just bringing the amount in line with inflation. A lot of representatives of states with a gambling industry are lobbying hard to get it passed. Good for business and good for the players.

  9. Before I even watch this, I want you to know I’m rooting for you to succeed. I never had the balls to try what my heart really wanted to do, so I’ll be happy to watch you live your life vicariously.

  10. Totally honest assessment from a long time watcher that cheers wins and feels losses for ya… The constant commentary to drown out the youtube demonization is really unsettling. Most of your “fans” like myself will watch anyway, but the goal of attracting new subs will likely be hindered. There has to be a better workaround. No live audio with narration added is prob worse lol… the ambient sounds of a casino setting is well known and expected to folks who will be interested in watching/subscribing in the future. Is there software out there to scrub/scramble music captured on vid? A directional wireless mic laying on the machine toward the speaker? Just thinking and sharing outloud, sir… hoping you succeed!

  11. I knew when that machine went cold. Gotta know when to holdem’ and when to walk away

  12. Have you considered running lite music under your your audio, like John does?

  13. Brutal! I miss seeing the big jackpots on your videos. Feel like it’s been a while since you have hit big on the vids. Swings of poker!

  14. At 513 the correct hold us 356 heart’s at 754 the correct hold is 346 spades. I do enjoy your high limit play as you are the NG of VP. LOL

  15. Bro question why do you hold 2 Aces and 2 2’s when your most likely missing out on 4 Aces,that one hand gave you a full house,If you hadn’t of held the 2’s You most likely would have gotten 4 Aces,I never ever go for a full house with 2 face cards or aces and hold any Numbered cards trying to go for a full house never ever do that……do you know how many 4 Aces I Get just by holding the 2 Aces and then being dealt the other 2 Aces,I Win those by the Tons.Theres always another 2 Aces behind the scenes that people don’t cash in on……I won’t let them go They are Mine baby 👍

  16. Oh man, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time thinking that quad was going to show. Hey Andrew, were these latest high stakes videos before your big decision? Sorry, I’m not sure how to put that. I started swiping the screen with my finger on certain hands because of you..LOL😁!!!

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