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  1. I oddly like the new grind videos youโ€™re doing better than the high betting videos.

  2. My Guyyyy.
    Bro, wishing you hella luck.
    Commenting before watching.
    AC This summer. Lets gooo

  3. Love the content, the blurry edits and high volume western music out of nowhere are a bit jarring tho.

  4. Whew! Hard not to get a little shaky at $50 coin. Yikes. “Do not recommend.” Lol ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. So if you get a Royal Flush then this machine becomes a $200,000 Win, not bad.

  6. Frankly, I find playing for quarters just as exhilarating when getting the big payoffs.

    1. Mark is right. I used to be happy with quarters but have gone up a little bit when I can

  7. Wow…that looks nerve racking.๐Ÿ˜ฎ Keep up the great content, love your videos!

  8. ‘You need 50, 60 grand to play right in that game.’ You are the man, Andrew.

  9. Hi Andrew. Congrats on topping 13k subscribers. I get super nervous and jacked just playing $5 coin-in ($25 per hand) and can only imagine how nerve wracking playing $250 is. That being said, those Full Boats and Two Pairs really saved the day for you on this one. Don’t forget to remind all the new viewers to subscribe…smiles!

  10. This video/vlog gave me reminiscent vibes are your earlier videos, editing music in to not get copyright strike ๐Ÿ‘ Nice full houses hit, especially when you are getting ready to run out of ammo.

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