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  1. You’re the nicest guy on YouTube. That said, please think about going to G.A. before this new ‘business model’ destroys you financially.

    1. @Joe Sylvester I am still trying to figure out what G.A. is. Georgia! Andrew going to Georgia??

    2. @Jordan Welch while some might make a living gambling with YouTube superchats it should never be expected but only appreciated to receive any superchats and gambling should be primarily for entertainment only. I like slot massacre because it’s entertaining to watch (even if it weren’t a real life situation) because many would do the exact same thing with free play if given such an opportunity

    3. @Joe Sylvester not really for gambling, payouts are really high. For example rampage poker put out a video he’s making 245k from a year and just hit 100k subs. Slotmassacre has less subs but actual viewership compared to subs is good. There’s money to be made at some point.

  2. Congrats on the new chapter of your life. Stay steady and focused. Love the videos and the work it takes to bring us the latest. I love video poker. I play in sparks nv at the nugget. Some tribal in Sacramento. Sky River in Elk Grove ca is set to open this year. I’m close to that. Good luck.

  3. Always fun to watch these sessions! Get’s the heart pumping….. fun stuff

  4. Andrew, I recommend not reading the comments. You may quit youtube because of some of the comments and many of us really love your channel.

    1. why should he not read the comments? i agree with others that he is a great guy but people are Concerned about him losing everything because he quit his regular employment..

    2. @SuePete Pretty sure he didn’t quit… I think people around him were concerned with the reckless amounts of money going in to the machines. I love watching his videos, but it made me nervous he would film the degeneracy of it all. I certainly don’t want my friends or family to know how much I play. It all evens out in the end, that is if you don’t lose control. I’ve been playing 25 years, still not homeless 🙂

  5. Thanks Andrew, much luck and success with your new endeavor!! Be well and stay weii.

  6. I just started watching your videos and I did subscribe. I saw the stream the other day when you decided to go FOR IT! Congratulations for that LEAP OF FAITH!

  7. Tuff machine, Triple double just does not give any ammo, very volatile . At least you get some replay on bonus poker. Iwill be waiting for the continuance ♣️♥️♦️♠️

  8. That was a rough session. May your next outing be the reverse with hits aplenty.

  9. Thanks for posting, Andrew. I quit VP two weeks ago for good. It was too much of a rollercoaster. I feel much better and and I am sleeping a lot better, too.

  10. A good rule of thumb for video poker is that you need around 5 royals in your long-term bankroll for whichever denomination you are playing, to ride out the inevitable cold streaks. So for $1 denom, you’d want to have a bankroll of $20K. For $25 denom, you ‘d need $500K. $100 denom – $2 million bankroll. I have had several cycles over 25 years of playing where I went down 4 royals before it turned around. I’ve talked to people who’ve gone down 5 royals. Some pros say you should have 6 royals in reserve for your desired denom.

  11. Be aware of IGT’s patented, custom designed random number generators that can have super long non converging cycles sometimes used on unregulated cruise ship gambling. The Mersene Twister” random number generator has convergence problems. You must verify the quality of convergence the machines RNGs have or you could go broke rapidly!!!

  12. I am not going to lie…I am getting a little nervous 😬 but we are all behind you!

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