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Unbelievable Session Pays off.

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  1. fuggin’ awesome

    I don’t get why Deuces Wild is so often neglected by y’all that make video poker videos

  2. That was awesome!!!!!!! I love deuces, but all the dead hands drive me crazy sometimes!

  3. Deuces is the best game for YouTube—although sometimes it feels like you’re winning while you’re slowly losing, it’s fun along the way!

  4. 10:10 you’d think that was the right play since the two is a penalty card.

  5. That low straight flush draw that turned into a higher straight flush was fucking awesome
    I got the video poker bug bad. Circa in a couple of weeks 🤘🏼

  6. The majority of video poker players who are senior citizens on the Southside of Chicago prefer to play deuces wild. I have absolutely no idea why.

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