Ultimate X Video Poker Tournament (mulligan)

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Ultimate X Video Poker Tournament (mulligan)

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  1. Very nice play! Lots of 4OAK’s: Quad 6’s 2x; Quad 3’s 2x; Quad 8’s; Quad 9’s 2x; Quad Q’s 12x

  2. That was exciting! Ur so fast! Congrats β€”so glad u got that nice Fours in the end to get u to #1!

  3. You can’t watch this video and tell me the casinos don’t have a way to set how much the machines will pay out. The amount of winning dealt hands in this is so far off the chart is ridiculous

  4. WOOT! Don’t correct plays in a timed tournament. Unless it’s for a high pay. You’ll make it up in speed.

  5. nice fast play. Never seen so many 8’s. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  6. Never seen so many dealt trips/good hands in my life. I wonder if they have a way to juice the machines for the tournaments?

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