How to trap with pocket aces at


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  1. Jesus you’ll be wearing New Balance Sneakers and drinking strong black coffee with no sugar in no time!

  2. Yeah. I limp reraised with AA yesterday. 99 BEAT me into the pot. I asked, “what did you think I had?” He says, “well, you COULD’VE had AK.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Kinda hard to make a mistake with aces when you’ve got clowns in there with K6 blasting off like this.

    1. I get what ur saying but defending the big blind with k6 even offsuit is pretty standard. Personally I would fold but game theory says u can call sometimes.

    2. I was in a 25k start chi stack tourney i raise 10k pre flop with aces guy calls with K9 flop comes J99 let’s just say i didn’t get past that hand in the tournament lmao

    3. ​@ridebmx24seven Well, he plays K6s, so reason to assume he is playing way too wide in general.

  4. Ryan, do this: Walk up to Caity right now and say “Caity, there’s this guy called skin of the perineum who loves you.” See what she says.

  5. Risky call with the straight draw on the table but I respect your graft πŸ˜‚

  6. With your skill set and experience,
    how intense does it get when the tables start emptying?

  7. That coulda went bad 2 callers the board hits there range , you decided to check and give them more cards to catch up if they were behind after seeing a flop in there range ,you 9/10 get buried for doin that in this spot πŸ˜…

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