Top 10 SECRETS casinos DON’T want you to know!

I'm ecstatic about this project and can't wait to share some real bangers of understanding collected over twenty years. Enjoy.

0:00 How much comps I received in 2022
1:29 establishments aren't really establishments Anymore
2:09 Not all Prizes are Created Equal
2:56 Paying you to Stay
3:46 Shadow Comps
4:53 Free Money
5:39 Benefit Secrets
6:08 Gambling establishments Marketing
7:13 Tier/Offer Matching Process
8:57 Evidence Slots are Better than Table Games
9:58 Getting Comped
10:41 Beatable Games around Vegas

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Top 10 SECRETS DON’T want you to know!

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  1. Multiple dislikes on a video which hasn’t even been shown yet!! GTFO hahahahaha

    1. I don’t know where they moved the thumbs down to? And I don’t think I even want to find out

    2. Some people hate premiers. In the past I’d unsub from someone who did this often

  2. Thank you for the video!! Lots of good info.. I appreciate all you do for our entertainment . ❤

  3. Some 30+ years ago before I lived in NV, I practiced 21 endlessly. Living here, I took Bob Dancer’s classes. As a dealer for some 20 years, the average player was just having fun, drinking, without being driven by strategy. You are a frequent NV player. Tourists are here a precious few days. Your level of play and frequency is much more than the average visitor. You have nearly worldwide reach. Your advice could be very helpful. Love your VP videos!

  4. Good video, not a fan of the voice over but I do appreciate your time and effort in the making of it and thank you for sharing Andrew. Off to Laughlin for the weekend.

  5. interesting, and can tell you put in alot of hard work on it….thanks/enjoyed!

  6. Very interesting video Andrew, people who take their gambling and bankroll seriously will like this. I already use a couple of the 10 now.

    1. I hope so. There’s so much that people don’t know but if this gives people a starting point then its worked.

  7. Good info but the voice was so irritating I could barely listen. You may not like your voice but we do. You have the voice of wisdom and experience, the mechanical voice has no credibility. I’m not saying this to be critical but to tell you that if you do something like this again you will get far more like, far more subscribers and far better everything if you do YOU! 💙

  8. Would be interested in the in-depth version of each of these. Some I couldn’t follow. Duh, that’s why I lose.

  9. If the casinos would take my advice, they’d put free play on every machine after someone leaves it! Just a few cents short of the minimum bet but unable to cash out as a voucher. Instead you got slot attendants printing out tickets for 12 cents all day thinking they are saving casino $$$

  10. Recently came across your channel from John’s World of Video Poker, thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us!

    Btw, interesting choice of background music, old school Castlevania 😀

  11. I’ll listen or read anything that has to do with gambling, so I was interested. Voice over not so much😁. Still love ya Bro!!

  12. I am always anxiously awaiting your next video! This was interesting info so I appreciate it, but I have to agree with other comments re: the voice over. The robot can’t get the same inflection as a human so it did make some of it very hard to decipher. I would have been very happy with your voice however imperfect you think it would have been! That’s part of what I love about your videos – you are a the real entertaining you!! Aloha & Mahalo from Kauai! 🤙

  13. Please offer this as a printed info sheet that we can order for a fee…I would be glad to order one! Thx, Vasa

  14. I loved the info, thank you! Your winning short videos were a nice touch.

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