The one after the Royal Flush. High Limit Video Poker VLOG 155

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For Patreon and Channel Members this is session # 20 of the year and you can see my 21 various metrics I track from the session on the file you have access to.
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The one after the Royal Flush. High Limit Video 155

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  1. Winning on free play is just so satisfying keep up the great work and content Andrew!!!

  2. What’s not to like? There’s vp, commentary, humor, come on! Great job, Andrew! Keep it up!

    Everyone go join his Patreon and get some cool details about these trips! 😎

  3. If we’re watching, we are definitely not bored. 😊 i love free play.

  4. Having rode shotgun with, Slotmassacre, for close to 2 years now, I can personally vouch for his “wizardry” on extracting the most possible from free play and casino comps. That is a science unto itself and, Andrew, certainly qualifies as a master of it in my book. What’s more, he converts that free play into Big Money wins quite regularly. So these adventures are fun on these “ride alongs”. There’s never a dull moment, there’s always great conversations, incredible meals, & incredible wins. If you ever return to your home state of Southern California, Slotmassacre, there’ll be no more need of 3 hour journeys as all the great SoCal casinos are merely 20 minutes away down my way. Hopefully, that re-connection to your roots takes place and we can hit all these casinos together like we do in Vegas. I enjoy all the insights and excitement that you share about the games.🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

    1. Hi John! You and Andrew have both opened up the world for many people. We get to see parts of America that we normally wouldn’t see. I am sure you both have met interesting people who have a thousand stories to tell. I love watching you guys play, but love the stories even more. Take care sir!

  5. In my opinion Caesars rewards have tanked. I love your hit and run episodes. 🍀🍀💰💰

  6. I like watching the free play stuff. Kinda interesting to see and hear more info on freeplay and places that do it better than others.

  7. i thought you were doing the AC trip ive been playing video poker since 1993 i hope to run into you some day really enjoy your channel

  8. I personally love these free play runs. Hey Andrew did you ever go back to that Dotty’s or gas station you went to out there? Can’t remember which one, but you said it had pretty good pay tables. Did you get a players card there?

  9. Definitely not boring! I just returned from claiming my tiny $40 free play from Graton and cashed out $320 after hitting a few 4-of-a-kinds playing 25 cents max bet playing 7/5 BP Deluxe.

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