The Five Best Tips To Win at Video Poker!

Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American establishment Guide, give their 5 finest pointers for . Subjects covered include: getting a player's club card; inspecting pay tables; discovering the best video video games; learning and practicing the appropriate methods; and only playing when there are promos available.

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The Five Best Tips To !

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  1. I have been watching this channel for years and love the addition of Matt he has a wealth of knowledge as well.

    1. He apparently grew up learning the industry from his dad. Interesting family, lol

    2. @dwiedemann This is Matt, I actually knew how to play video poker before I knew how to drive. He always had the software installed on the family computer so I would play any time I got bored.

  2. Solid advice. If you can on future videos, please make Steve’s volume higher. Thanks!

    1. GlenMiz – Check your soundcard settings in Control Panel for volume control…… “night listening” or similar may appear, it should/could even out the volume…… compressing the dynamic range to prevent huge spikes in volume and also to bring weak signal up. Like when watching a movie with two people whispering and a car explodes outside the window….. “compression” is the magic to manage those drastic sonic moments.

    2. @One World im on youtube with my phone. Its on their end n should be fixed on their end.

  3. Always enjoy your videos bc you are always trying to educate the gambler on being a smarter player

  4. Always play max coins! That bonus for a royal flush of 4000 coins is what you need in the long run.

    1. evofd No it isn’t. You don’t get the bonus for the royal unless you’re playing max coins.

    2. evofd Wrong. The jackpot is proportionally higher. Please look at the pay table again.

    3. Forget about it. Royal Flush jackpots are the worst in odds. There are only four ways to win. You’re better off with Jokers wild because five of a kind is easier to get because there are 13 ways to win !!!!!

    4. evofd no not true in my experience of tens of thousands of hands. How much you bet affects your wins. Indisputable to anyone who tries out this notion. Betting the same all the time and the game plays even back. If you are even betting but you bet the min recently, big wins get denied. Again, indisputable.

    5. Nobody talks about the Jokers Wild Machines that Atlantic City casinos have the older I G T machines from the late 90s here is the paytable for say a quarter machine with max coins bet for a one line machine which is 5 coins: 5 of a kind,4000 coins, any straight flush or royal flush with or without the joker pays 500 coins, 4 of a kind,pays 80 coins, full house pays 40 coins, flush pays 25 coins, straight pays 20 coins, three of a kind pays 10 coins , and two pair pays 5 coins! There are 13 ways to get a 5 of a kind and only 4 ways to get a Royal Flush! This is your best game period hands down, and it can be proven it’s really true, I just wanted to share this with anyone who didn’t know this, THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. The only time I am guaranteed to get money is at the ATM… come to think of it, that’s not always a guarantee either.

    1. You should be as far away from a casino as you can get it that’s a problem!

    2. Been there done that! 5.99 fee in an Atlantic City casino using their A T M machines plus 3.50 or more from your bank on top of that for each transaction plus more money if you ask for your balance and again for a receipt! It could literally cost 15.00 for a 100.00 withdrawal! Wow !!!!!

  6. Hi Steve, one thing I have found when checking the pay tables is that some machines change the pay tables depending on the denomination of your bet. So it’s important to change the denomination on the machine to the amount you want before you check the pay table. I mostly visit tribal casinos so I’m not sure if this is common practice in Las Vegas.

    1. Just like a slot machine, each denomination on a video poker machine, has its own payback percentage.

  7. All good and correct tips.
    #6 Have a large enough bank role to offset a bad streak and set win/loose limits.
    I’ve been playing proper VP for 15 years. Playing VP with comp points always paid my my whole 1st class trips to Las Vegas.
    I usually play multi hand because single hand is just too much of a grind. Also because if I get dealt a decent hand (ie 3 of a kind) I can hit a big win and walk away. Thus bank role and limits is a must.

    1. Here are my 4 things needed to give you a chance at winning at Video Poker: A Bankroll and Perfect Strategy, Luck, and a Jokers Wild machine east coast style where 5 of a kind is the jackpot instead of Royal Flush, it should be very obvious!!!!!

  8. What I find lacking in the training software is that when you make a mistake, the software will tell you so, but it doesn’t tell you why you made the wrong choice.
    Its not enough to tell me that you played the wrong unless you tell me why.

    1. Michael Proctor that annoys me too. Best I can do is get a strategy chart online and find where I made a mistake.

    2. you gotta think about it. you’ll figure it out.. its all about pay back rates

    3. Buy the book…A winners guide to jacks or better …by dancer/daily..the book will answer all of your questions.

  9. My wife always wins at the slot machines. She takes money out of MY wallet, loses it in the machines, then comes back to me for more. Its a win-win (for her). On the plus side, if she DOES happen to win, she keeps it all. So I got that working for me. Which is nice.

  10. Thanks guys, I never play VP so will give it a go and I just ordered your book even tho I wont use the coupons. Great channel 👍🍀🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. i play lots of vp and slots but i didnt know the 9 6 tip. thanks

  12. I play the triple play progressive 5 of a kind machines. Much easier to get 5 of a kind than a royal flush.

  13. I am so tired of losing at slots so I will now play video poker. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I do use a players card and get moreplay, rooms and food all the time. I would like to win some money for a change instead of just always donating

    1. Learn how to bet sports and play poker for your best odds. Not video poker… real poker.

  14. Get up and walk away , after 7 – 10 hands . Always hold for the highest hand . If you have a low pair and a 3 card flush , go for the flush . Hold the ace not the low pair . Go for the highest hand in VP . VP is not like playing , a real poker game . Go for highest possible hand all the time . Don’t play safe in VP . Leave the machine after a set amount of hands : 10 or less . Don’t be sucked into staying at the same machine all night .The more machines you play the higher your odds at winning . Keep moving and walk away , when you’re ahead .

  15. All good information. But bottom line, it all boils down to sitting in the right seat at the right time !!

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