The BIGGEST Bluff Of My Life

In this weeks The Greatest Bluff I have ever tried! we are in Costa Rica at a $5k Entry Poker Money Game Thanks to ACR. Crazy big cash game pot

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Video Modifying BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

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  1. I think you’re still in WSOP mode my guy.. I am too. after a shitty series, I’m punting and not playing like myself either. But that ending to the vlog was hilarious 🕺🏻😂😂😂

    1. @@ethanhunt7275Everyone from Ohio is a little different…I heard it’s because they come from a state that start and end with a vowel….either that or it’s because they bang their livestock when their lonely.

  2. If you’re gonna attempt to pull off the biggest bluff of your life, you typically do not want to run into the nuts 😂

  3. As somebody who has never played a cash game in their life I think you did fine.

  4. Embrace the degen tingles. If I’m not seeing a punt at video poker, I better be seeing it at the tables!

  5. Dude, we’ve all been living vicariously through your lens and we are all with you every up and down.
    The very fact that you’re in these games is as a result of your life’s work so far. Yes, you punted. Another lesson learned. Having that level of concentration for sustained periods is hard, you know that. Brain farts happen, but you live to grind another day. ✌️

  6. Cheer up my guy, i got 1st in a tourney right after i did 1 thing with my strat. I just asked myself, if im hoping for this hand to get lucky im gonna fold, and if im hoping it doesnt get unlucky, i will call. Literal game changer for me

  7. I ran a 2.5K bluff once, got snapped by 3rd pair.. true story, felt awesome (still hurts)

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