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    1. @@patrickkyker Yeah I know, I have to check myself sometimes but for the most part I only play DDB so I don’t have to think about what to hold I have the strategy down pretty good and I practice on WINPOKER all the time.

  1. Next stop 25k subs. Like and subscribe for Andrew everyone. He deserves it and we all benefit from his effort on these vlogs.

    1. @@rashrick3109find another channel!yes you don’t benefit financially.

    2. I have learned more about better video poker play, paytables, venues and wildly entertained. Im grateful for Andrew’s effort in outting these vlogs together.

  2. What a great accident πŸŽ‰
    I hope to see you in Vegas next time. Good luck πŸ€

  3. Wow. What an accident! Thankfully you were not only dealt a winning hand, but trips to start..sweet… but I’d run after that. Haha

  4. That was fun to watch I like when you play multi hands. Play some double double too

  5. Epic win and congrats. I have gotten used to you not posting very often, so it’s been really nice having several days of video. Thank you.

  6. You can dump the audio and then rein code it with a voice isolation filter for free. And then re upload it

  7. Oh slotmassacre, non believers just gonna nonbelieve!! Win, draw, or go down…. You’re a winner in my book!
    ❀❀ from Ohio! 😘😘 Keep doing!

  8. Great video. You pulled it off even if it was an accident. πŸ‘ I’m happy for you that more people subbed from your recent video.

  9. So glad you’re back at it, your channel is an inspiration for us all!

    1. I just want to see slot players mix in a little VP, and maybe less ppl paying retail for rooms πŸ™‚

  10. It’s like all the programming these machines do to us works out sometimes lol.

  11. Hello Andrew! Long time follower and love, your videos and knowledge. You mentioned in another comment section of your videos that casinos can set/adjust a pay schedule. Is a pay schedule different from the pay table or is it one in the same? TY!

  12. I just liked and subscribed I enjoy watching u play high limit video poker

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