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  1. I feel like you’re only talking to Dave. Was this live play? I hope we get to see you win 20,000. It wasn’t shown.
    How did you do last year?

  2. Thank you, Andrew. Thanks also for the information you shared. Solid tips for better gaming experiences.

  3. You’re back! Glad to see you and glad to see you without a dozen other YouTubers all yelling around. you and recording your play. Back to the basics that drew me and so many others to your channel!

  4. Glad to see Cosmo letting u film… I heard they went full brownshirt nazi about it when MGM took over.

  5. I think it’s cool when he hangs out with all the other YouTubers since VP players are naturally a little introverted.

  6. Hi Andrew , enjoy watching you play . Hope you continue to do the videos . 😄

  7. Hi Andrew, it’s Kathy! Was so great to finally meet you in Vegas this past weekend. Wish I could have spent more time with you, next time when we are all there together. Love watching you play!

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