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  1. Q, of course leave it out if it’s too personal. Ive been watching these and have an interest in video poker Im curious if you’ve ever had to reload your bankroll for poker. (whatever it is I assume it’s a good deal given how large you play)/ my question is if you’ve ever gone bust essentially and had to take money from other areas of your life to support the play? Just curious, intellectually right, like the math of what you’re doing – if you care to answer? good luck.

    1. PS you would enjoy a book called “Fortune’s Formula” FWIW, check it out.

    2. I cannot speak for Andrew but it’s a good idea to gamble responsibly. I have a special fund just for video poker and gambling in general. I don’t touch the other investments for gambling ever.

    3. @@8877robert good. I’ve won a lot in video poker but I try to stay grounded.

  2. The tournament is intense- I would love to play one myself, hopefully I’ll get an invite one day.

  3. You: so you really wanna get quads
    The machine: fine, I’m not gonna do it now

  4. MY DUDE if you walk into a casino without hitting the massively vulnerable slots, you’re not maximizing your trips very well. Original Scarabs, Happy 8’s, and a few others can be ripped off to hard it’s not even funny.

  5. lol I’m sticking to video poker too. So awesome to meet you and Jamie and the others at the Plaza that weekend.

  6. No word on your placement in the poker tournament not even for the round we watched?! Weird

  7. Is there a part 2 coming? I’d like to see how you did in the rest of the slot tournament Looks like you live a very nice balanced life, good times spent with the family and not just in the casino all the time.

    1. He only scored 8000 something he said he would not play day two and three if he didn’t score 13000

  8. Why do you play VP tournaments, Andrew? As a long-time fan of yours, it seems to me that you’d win more spending the time in solo play.

  9. So in the tournament, does everyone get the same hands? Or is it truly random? And do they turn up the good hand % on the deals? It seems like you were getting a ton of good hands on the deal….

  10. Andrew thanks for the info on video poker tournaments. It was great understanding the odds of winning.
    It was nice to see your kids race and play soccer. Tough luck for your son when the other kid ran into him at the beginning of the race.
    I went to the Brian Christopher video and watched you play. It was nice to see you, Jack Pot Gents, and Kelly as well.
    I much prefer video poker to slots but I do admit I watch Vegas Matt. It was fun watching you do a group pull.
    Thanks for this video. I really enjoyed it.

  11. you are so good, the best VP that ever lived, you throw a way $20000 royals all the time because you won so much $$$ and don’t want the casino to lose more.

  12. When your boys get up o the 60cc class get a riding coach to coach them into good/better habits. (great in the long run) Also if you ever are going for a large ROI progressive i’m in if you need backers!

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