Slotmassacre’s Quest. Video Poker VLOG 147

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Slotmassacre’s Quest. Video Poker VLOG 147

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  1. This is quite possibly one of the last places I expected to hear Simon’s Quest music, but I’m glad that I did. Please keep using video game music in your videos!

    1. CV2 gets a bad rap, but I’ve always liked it. Has its faults, but it was something new and innovative compared to CV1.

  2. Totally agree with your last statement. It’s all about percentages.

    Winning $600 when it’s all free play earnings feels better than winning 10% on your 20k buy in. It works the same way in reverse. Losing 100% of a $500 buy in feels worse than starting with 20k and leaving with 19k. The 1k loss feels like a break even while the 500 loss is losing everything.

  3. What I really like about your channel is ALL the action! The pregame in the parking lot, the room, your thoughts and of course the video poker…

  4. Did you recently discover AVGN or something? I doubt you just got done playing Simon’s Quest.

  5. I always find these free play runs interesting. It’s what I do, as well. And when it runs out I’m playing somewhere new. Bummer about the loss of VP. But it’s either that or lower paytables on more machines so…. Great job on the conversion! 😎

  6. I love video poker but I don’t get out to the casino so I live through your videos and Docs and Johns and Slot 500 and Big Matte thank you

    1. Thank you, Teresita, for watching all our channels!😁🙌🙌🌎

  7. Always interesting to hear your thoughts on VP. Lately it’s been a rollercoaster for me. I was down to my last $20 over the weekend, got a few nice hits and ended up winning $500. Not at all life changing, but I thought of all things I could buy with $500 like new eyeglasses or a good used laptop. Keep rocking, Mr. Massacre!

  8. Greetings from Torrance! Its not weird to win 592 off of free play and feel good about it. Doesn’t food taste better when someone else pays for it or when someone buys you a drink? Even if its just a hamburger and fries, somehow it always tastes better when someone buys it for you! My friend and I joke about the “Free gifts” from Pechanga. We are both laughing and dying a little bit inside. He has 5 or 6 “Free” rice cookers as well as air fryers, toasters, luggage, tools and other “Free” stuff. So never feel weird about it. You earned it. You could take some of your free winnings and save up for a deep sea fishing trip and catch some yellow fin. Now that would be something to save up for! Thanks again!

  9. The 2 pair hand helps out a lot, just when you need it most. When “your” music cut in….I thought somehow my video was playing….Surreal..!!! One of these days, one of those 4 to the Royals will hit. That was fun, Andrew!🌎

  10. How old are your vlogs? I heard a Green Bay packers game going on in the background.

  11. Was an honor to have met you! Hope your kids enjoyed the snacks 🤙🏼🙌🏼🤙🏼

  12. @1:05 Slots bring in the money. They attract recreational players senior citizens who don’t know how to play and slot enthusiasts. Video poker and keno players are still a small percentage of patrons in the casino

  13. I admit, you had me laughing on the intro😄 I don’t know what it is, but I feel the same on what you said about flipping the free play into $$$$. I personally love these videos where your going to these little casinos at night in what it seems to be the middle of nowhere to me and everything is quiet!!! They better not take VP totally out at that one casino!!

  14. When I played live seriously a million years ago, I still had to manufacture losses or play on machines where the theo was set to actual vs real rtp to beat the free play game by the margin of a RF. Don’t even want to think about how hard it is today.

  15. san manuel closed the poker room before the plandemic.

    renamed yaamava’

    the video poker at the deuces bar has 9-5-4-2-1-1 TDB,

    it has a progressive

    and i hit it for 1861.16 in sept. on quarters 1.25 per hand

  16. Here in Toronto the largest casino called Woodbine has taken out 90% of their video poker machines and replaced them with slot machines. They only now have Ultimate X and a few older video poker machines left. Back in the day there was a whole area devoted to video poker. Casinos now only maximize square footage of $$ in and unfortunately video poker is like a relative over staying their welcome, time to go.

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