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  1. If you get a friend or spouse to sign up make sure you wait till there’s a good promotion going on like a really big reimbursement. Way back when I signed up I had a $500 reimbursement.

  2. I enjoyed the “Grinders Trip”, Andrew, especially with all the insightful free play tips. I also like your natural ability to “think out loud” on camera. It makes us all feel like we’re sitting right next to you in the casino. I like all the Stats update also. Nice hit & run with some wild camera work thrown-in for free!😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  3. Andrew, have you ever tried Juan Flaming Fajita’s when you’ve been to Vegas? I think they have 3 or 4 locations now and they are amazing. Enjoy your vlogs, good luck!

    1. They do that all the time to make it like they won Edit all over the place

  4. Same thing in T Az casinos. Lots Security/Casino mangmt doing laps everywhere. Uncomfortable.

  5. Wicked high stake poker is pretending to be in a Casino . He has fake background noises . He is not playing with real money ,!

  6. Why do you turn off your footage? I like to watch all of it, win or lose. It’s therapeutical.

  7. Fajitas looked delicious. Great video even if just a short one. 🍀🍀

  8. Kids are so cute!
    I’m in Vegas now…..I’m staying at Suncoast in Summerlin. Hitting real well here. But it’s soooo hot compared to Canada!

  9. “Better to be lucky than good. But if you’re lucky and good, you just might beat the odds.” 👍🤠

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