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  1. Nice run that was awesome 😎… I was playing at hard rock ac today (low rolling) 25 cent 50 cent and $1 coin and got literally 2 hours of play out of it

  2. This is the good stuff right here! What a freakin run! Woo hoo! Nice playing!! 😎

  3. Had that “lock out” happened several times getting a Royal on same machine (25 play) at Morongo Casino in Southern California. Always on that machine on multiple demons. Strange. Nice hits Andrew!!!!

  4. When playing bonus poker deluxe and you get two pair do you keep or drop one and go for four of a kind?

    1. You go for the full house. Funny thing this very question was addressed by John Grochowski many years ago.

  5. Teaching Skip the trick of not playing the extra coin, but still getting full pay. I have used this technique many times on HR. Typically when a property offer garbage games, but I find a back door full pay game.🙂

  6. Greetings from Torrance! Woohoo! What a fun trip you had! John did a great job with the camera work! Isn’t Vegas more fun with friends? Thanks again and stay warm in Utah!

  7. What an exciting trip! You and @johnsworldofvideopoker both have great filming skills 👍

  8. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Andrew. Here’s to a winning New Year, hope it’s full of Quads and kickers.

  9. Awesome video! Multiple dealt quads and a royal, what more can you ask for!

  10. Nice royal and overall win. Going to stay at Circa for 1st time in mid february. Looks like a good atmosphere and play for VP there from your Vlogs. Do you have a recommendation on a particular host i should try reaching out to?

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