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  1. Yes always interesting, he is showing the reality of Video Poker others only show wins or draws

  2. Sorry for the losing session. My last 4 months have been horrible. Better luck to you Andrew!

  3. You had me at the edge of my seat! Better luck next time.

  4. 👍 Dream card is the one carnival game I have done well at…not all the time, definitely should come to the game with a roll….otherwise, as Andrew said, it’s a pot shot.

  5. Hang in there. I was up $22k at Aria earlier last week and just lost $9k of it in the span of a day.

  6. Damn, that machine was stingy. It wasn’t even giving out hardly any 2 pairs.

  7. I liked your opening “The Shining” reference! I also liked your daring with a short stake. Next time.

  8. It’s so weird seeing my local haunts on YT. Those long hallways at the three resorts are insane. Taking that trek from the casino to the far side of Montego’s hotel rooms is a distance.

  9. Hey Andrew, always fun to watch. Looking forward to seeing you at Yaamava

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