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  1. Here is the California video poker tournament schedule for the rest of the year: June 16-20, July 7-11, August 11-15, November 27-December 1. The actual tournament play days are 2 days between the date range listed. Two rounds of double double single line for 300 games with a 20 minute time limit on consecutive days. 98% of the 200 to 250 entrants finish each round easily. 5 sessions of 50 people per round. I’ll repeat the dates, if John posts his play at the Cal too. The dollar denom on this progressive bank of machines is a painful 6/5, which I’m sure you noticed.

    1. Thanks for the info! My family loves the Cal for many reasons(mostly because they have the best Hawaiian food in town!) Any idea what it costs to enter the tournament? Much appreciated!

    2. @Paul Miyagishima See the replies to John’s post for the answer to your question. I wasn’t able to post here yesterday.

  2. The intro is legit the content.
    Where is that hit video before?
    Really confused why this angle is trash and That EPIC 100K hit isnt anywhere but the in the intro…
    Is this a hit in Vegas for a later video?
    Someone elses Hit?
    Hey good Quads HIT but the video Picture is false advertising.
    Dont be that guy.



  3. Greetings from Torrance! It’s so awesome to see you and John at the California! My family has been going there ever since I turned 21. Hope you got to eat some Saimin or Ox Tail soup! With all of the 2 pairs, straights, and 3 of a kinds, I could tell that the machine was just waiting to pay out. BTW- Torrance hit 97 degrees today. Hope Utah isn’t this HOT! Take care!

  4. Wow-what a way to hit 4OAKS. Nice hit. I will be staying at the Cal at the end of the month & I hope I can meet up with you and the group. What days will you be there? The 22nd – 25th

  5. I really don’t like the overlay music although, I understand the rules of YouTube. I watch because I enjoy the banter of the players. Perhaps, if possible, enhance your audio and lower the accepted music.

  6. What a bunch of whiners in this comment section. The recording & sound is almost certainly like that because the casino doesn’t allow players to film their live play. He is also probably playing there because of the high Royal Flush Jackpot bonus.

  7. It means nothing if you don’t leave with a positive net result. That’s the bottom line. Good luck, Andrew.

  8. I like the 8/5 bonus poker game that pays 2/1 for two pair and 175 coins for any quad. That’s a sweet game I wish it was more popular.

    1. That’s a good game at 99.66%. Where did you see it? Eureka in Mesquite has it in $1/$2/$5.

    2. @Gregory Schmidt I’ve seen Bigkats play it before. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen one of those games.

  9. Even though we were just “passing through” The California as we were exploring downtown Vegas that day, (and hadn’t really planned on doing any filming), this last minute “vignette” was actually a lot of fun, Andrew. Too bad the copyrighted background music prevented normal volume recording, but this unique “on the fly” mini-session gave us both a really good look at what “The Cal” was all about. I really enjoyed all the slant-top video poker machines that they had there, the decent pay tables, and the old school vibe that even featured some real-life coin slots, but in a sleek modern setting. This casino came highly recommended by, Paul & Kanahele, (both friends of Slotmassacre & John’s World channels) so I’m sure glad that we took the time to check it out! The casino has a Western/South Pacific theme and the food there is tremendous. I can’t wait to explore it again! Thanks for all the fun, Andrew. This casino visit was a wonderful experience. (Not to mention you picked-up a little cash there in the process, as usual). Good Times!😁🙌🙌🌎

    1. @Paul Miyagishima The same thing happens to me but I can see why as I am a Sansei and I look Hawaiian. I stayed @MSS in Nov missed the group by a week and will be staying @ the Cal end of this month hope to run into the group then. Love staying @ the Cal or MSS great vibe.

    2. @mark Hi Mark, I’m a Sansei too and I’m guessing your parents took you there when you were young. I asked my Dad, out of all the places in Vegas, why he and Mom would stay there? The Cal isn’t fancy, not very big, kinda old. My Dad said that it just had a nice vibe and Mom felt safe. Also, one elevator to the parking garage and a short walk to the room. Not to mention 2 right turns and you are on the freeway home. It used to be the “Nisei” capitol, but now that generation is quickly passing away. The Cal will still be my place to go because I always end up “Talking story” with someone!

    3. @Paul Miyagishima My relatives took me & my parents there when I was young. I am very comfortable staying & playing @MSS or the Cal. I feel like I’m around family and the food at Market Street & Aloha Eats is great. I am from Chgo & have relatives in SoCal. My Mom was born in California. I go to Little Tokyo when I visit the LA area. I will be staying at the Cal for 6 days during the last week of this month. Hope to run into the group. Will you be out there then? Would like to meet up with you.

    4. @mark Would love to but I can’t take time off of work that week. Do me a favor and play “Pay to Aces” video poker. There are only 4 of those machines in Vegas and they are at the Main Street. If you hit 4 aces without another face card on the draw, you can win 1800 dollars. My next door neighbor actually hit it. I was lucky enough to hit 3 aces and it paid out 250 quarters. That game is a lot of fun when it is really hot. Take care and have fun in Vegas!

    5. @Paul Miyagishima Thank you so much for the info. I will certainly try & find those 4 VP machines. I hope we can cross paths one day. You may know some of my relatives. Have a nice rest of your weekend. Mark Sugai

  10. Finally got it. That angle was awful. I’m sure there was a reason Thanks for the hard work.

  11. Love the Cal. Hands down my favorite place in Vegas for blackjack and one of my favorites for video poker

  12. Finally, good ol’ Queens!!!!! I like that the SF pays 239!! Never seen that before.

  13. I’ve seen slot vloggers set up tripods to record play at the Cal. The Hawaii Craps Shooters have set up tripods (plural) to vlog their play (and even livestream) at the Cal, Main Street and Fremont. Ask for permission to vlog, and they’ll probably lower the volume of the music for you, as well.

  14. I can count on one finger the number of people that I saw playing $5 denom video poker at the Cal that weekend. Slotmassacre will grab the attention of the Cal (in a good way) with that level of play.

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