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  1. King Andrew,love hearing you and your queen are taking some time for yourselves! Now go to work!😉

  2. P.O.D. Instead of taking the test I took two to chest……….great lyric. You got your KORN groove on…..AWESOME!

  3. Fun round there but hope to catch up with you in wendover one time best of luck

  4. Casino date nights are the best! Thanks for the video!

  5. I was like “no way, I like everything”. But you were right. Anyways, venue looked killer

  6. now that you are royalty, you and your queen can relax and have some good times together! your videos are the best!

  7. It’s funny, 2 weeks ago I was teaching my wife video poker at Montego, not paying attention to my own hand really, and hit a $1600 royal in hearts. Playing 2 bucks a hand drew 2 cards to it

  8. Saw Johns video of the haywire tournament. Where yours my KING!!?? Congrats Haywire VP King!! That looks like a very fun game to play. Worth the extra money!!!

  9. Been awhile, long losing streak perhaps? The odds catch up to EVERYBODY.

  10. Just saw John’s video. Did you get to keep your KING garb?👑 LOL!!! That MC was freakin clueless. He didn’t understand Slot MASSACRE🤣🤣🤣

  11. Hey brother watch allot of channels but your the first i have subscribe to…. Had a ❓..i have been tightening up my video poker game and bought the win poker program.. Was wondering what program do you use..i just can’t hit that

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