Playing the BEST Machine in the building! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 167

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For Patreon and Channel Members this is session # 26 of the year and you can see my 21 various statistics I track from the session on the file you have access to.

Playing the BEST Machine in the building! High Limit VLOG 167

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  1. The triple double bonus progressive has a good ER at 99.29%. I would take a short-term shot at this game, but would have little interest in playing this game “long” term due to the insanely high variance of 152.3. The academic research on this level of variance suggest a player could play millions of hands over a lifetime and not even come close to the stated ER. You finished on the positive side of variance with the four aces and a kicker, which occurs once every 14,169 hands (current pay table).

    1. Oh man I don’t even want to think about when i’m playing TDB Ultimate X πŸ€ͺ

  2. When I was just going into high school my best friend’s dad was going to buy a car in the mid ’70’s. It was between a Porsche and a Mercedes 350 sl, He drove that car for years it had almost 200 k on it and he sold it for more than he paid for it. Same deal inflation and that the new ones were and are really expensive. Enjoy the new truck. I have seen them testing them on the 15 fwy.

  3. Time for a Model X Like Big Kat! Even if you decide not to buy, you’re only out $250 for your reservation. We had almost 10K “equity” in our X Plaid by the time ours was ready 10 months later. They honored the original purchase price πŸ‘ ⚑

  4. That was a great free play run! Getting solar this summer so electric vehicle is next. I know Tesla has the best battery, but I’m thinking F 150 Electric

  5. I noticed the progressive amounts weren’t increasing once it was $4,060.16?

  6. One of your best videos! Thanks for the editing. You got your just rewards for patience. I love this machine with $1 TDB option on progressive.

  7. Congrats Andrew! You see why I Love TDB πŸ‘

    I was surprised you went back to Bonus Poker, I think the payout on the last one was like 8 – 5, that’s pretty bad imho.

    Definitely check out the Rivian if you haven’t already bought the CyberTruck.

  8. That game was decent (99.3% ish), but man, I wouldn’t want to learn the strategy adjustments. Regular 9/7 TDB still a bit better and (somehow) less volatile, but that’s also a tough game to master with all the three card flush holds.

  9. I told you Triple Double was your game. Nice hit!!! You deserve it!😎

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