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  1. I noticed whenever i play max $5 or higher vp that inside straight always gives what you’d have needed when you don’t hold it…..sometimes…just sometimes I feel like it’s profitable to occasionally be counter intuitive idk

  2. Good to see the dynamic duo of slot massacre and john’s world hammering jackpots. Keep up the good work both of you.

  3. Whew!! That was intense! Good play. In the zone. Nice win. One of your better vids lately.

  4. Thanks Andrew, great entertainment and your in good company with John. Will be in Laughlin when you guys are back in Vegas. Much luck to all.

  5. What a great session Andrew. You were up and down but was able to stick around long enough to hit those quads. At Wynn I played high limit video poker at the $5 denom last month for the first time and had a great session. There’s so much potential with high limit video poker!

  6. Greetings from Torrance! That machine was really warm at 5 dollars, but at 10 dollars it finally got nice with that last hand. Circa seems the place to go for bonus poker! Take care!

  7. The fact you post the swings is what you’re doing best. Still enjoy the trips with the family. Congratulations

  8. Hey Andrew, great session! Sure would like to see some members content. It’s been a month!

    1. Hi Mike, I will work on that, Sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience and support!

  9. Always a blast watching you slay the machines, Slotmassacre! (whether at home or sitting right next to you in the casino). Nice hit on the Quad 5’s, they’re in the air lately! Thank you for mentioning my channel to help give me a boost. I’ll see you soon in Vegas!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  10. Nicely played you really made your bank roll last until you got your quad

  11. 34 seconds in the 679 clubs looks like the correct hold. Also at 739 the 568 of spades for the straight flush draw. So other than those 2 and the 10 of diamonds at the end.1820 BTW I sent you an email. Thanks in advance.

  12. I really like johns channel too especially the commentary, didn’t realist his channel was so new thanks for the video

  13. Great vlog as I always look forward to you & your group’s videos. I will be in Vegas the last week of April & hope to cross paths with you & the group. Keep up the great work!!

  14. Andrew, been watching your videos for months and enjoy your more than the others! I have spoken to others and like me, they like/prefer the videos at about 15 minutes. Best of luck on your 2022 venture!

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