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  1. Happy birthday Preston.

    You still need some more GTO studying before you enter one of those.

  2. I would love to hear their theories on their winning slot tournament strategy.

    1. Probably the same as most NLHE tournaments I’d imagine… Lol jk… But srsly…

    2. @StomskiI doubt any of these slot players play tournaments, MAYBE cash games, but I severely doubt MTTs lmao.

    3. @Womp Womp you donut, I was making a joke about all NLHE tournaments being crapshoots and -ev.

  3. One of these was going on outside my poker room in Vicksburg, Ms. You couldn’t hear ANYTHING at the poker table. When they weren’t punching the freaking buttons, there was even a guy with a freaking megaphone talking to ruin the poker game. It went on for like 2 hours!

  4. “Wake up! It’s time to get the cake up! Mash the buttons with your fingers and get the rake up!”

  5. Wouldn’t it be smarter to press the button less? That way you end up with the most money left on your machine at the end.. unless that’s not the goal.

  6. I’ve won a couple of slot tourneys, they need to bring them back. They are a lot of fun.

  7. Shoulda hired some of these degens to spin for your jackpot. Wouldn’t take so long 😂🤣😂 love your content 👌

    1. Ain’t going to lie I degen freespin!

      He ever hit that Jackpot my over under was 111,111 spins.

    2. ​@Ryan Nielsen I dunno man, was starting to think I was nuts because I can’t find any of the videos 😂🤔

  8. RDP, you know what we like!!!, “the way”, heeeheee the classic slot tournaments, faster fingers!!!!!

  9. Ryan don’t ever stop being you or producing the content you do! You’re the best!

  10. At the beginning, it looked like Johnny Chan was looking for the people who robbed 88 social

  11. Is this some of that “American exceptionalism” I’ve heard so much about?

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