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  1. Update as per spin 11,500 (end of day 2).
    1) Ryan has 250 in credits, and has put in $850 cash… so the machine has “Taken” $600.
    2) Ryan has bet $5700 so far… and has been paid back $5100, so retention is 89.5%, where it should be (by law) 91%
    3) The “missing” 1.5% is “feeding” the jackpot payout. When the jackpot hits, the retention will “even out” to 91%.
    4) Therefore, 1.5% of all bets “build” the jackpot. ($0.0075 per spin, less than a cent per spin, builds the jackpot).
    5) $1500 (jackpot) / $0.0075 = 200,000 spins.

    8 spins per hour = 416 hours, or 17 days, if run 24/7 with no breaks.

    CONCLUSION: Not before halloween… and I’d bet “overs” on not this year.

    1. Damn… Thanks for the data brake down … My guy Dgen depaulo is gonna be at it for a wile

  2. From watching the reels, the sequence goes: Jackpot, Bar, Purple 7, Triple Bar, Red 7, Bar, Triple Bar, Cherry, Double Bar, Bar, Double Bar. That’s 11 Symbols, 11 blanks. 22 possible positions. As at spin 11,500, Ryan has has hit the Jackpot Symbol on the first reel 203 times (1.7% of the time), where the expected value is 522 times:

    1) The probabilities are not equal for each symbol.
    2) The probabilities are not equal for each reel.
    3) The probabilities are not equal for each three symbol combination.

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