OMG!! on $200/BET on Video in VEGAS!!! MASSIVE HANDPAY!

We never play video however today we decided to attempt our luck and I more than happy that we did due to the fact that we landed a MASSIVE PRIZE!

HQ is gaming in the HIGH LIMT space at the most recent casino RESORTS WORLD Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV. Initially I take you through a really fast tour of Resorts World pool, then we enter playing some slots … you understand they are constantly .

Required to understand what slots to play when you enter into a casino? Enjoy my videos to see what games you would like to play– You can constantly attempt your luck on a video poker machine.

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OMG!! on $200/BET on Video Poker in VEGAS!!! MASSIVE HANDPAY!

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    1. I’m not going to click on that link because I don’t know the source and also you look like you’re 12.

    2. Amazing amazing win! I agree with others, crappy cards throw them all away. Keep high cards suited for royal chance, or a straight flush.

  1. Wow., congratulations👌 as someone who has played Video Poker for over twenty years you don’t realize how very lucky you were to hit these royal flushes since this is not your normal casino play. And on Triple Double Bonus which has a specific strategy. Great job🌹

    1. I’m right there with you. This is so improbable. If this were simply a draw for a flush with four flush cards, she’d be lucky to get more than one flush. To draw two Ah out of ten hands is a moonshot. Good for her, but sounds like you and I are due for this kind of luck!

    2. @VegasIsLife glad someone else understood how improbable this was. I have been fortunate to win several royal flushes but I have read online some players have never had the fun of winning a royal flush despite lots of play. The pandemic has curtailed my play except recently I took a chance to play at a local casino and was down to my last two hundred of my small bankroll when playing a ten play Ultimate X poker machine at the five-cent denomination to try to extend my play. Shockingly I was dealt the royal flush on deuces wild and with multipliers on every line I won $5000.00 to end my short play. It was so fun and very surprising. 🙈. Wishing you luck playing too🌹

  2. Unbelievable luck! I play video poker for hours on every trip for 27 years, and I’ve hit one royal. This was lightning striking twice! Congratulations!!!! Love your channel.

  3. Dear Fran and Miran.

    You guys are amazing as always.
    Pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest.
    Ps. Kim and I hit the major on the million dollar dragon link in Tampa. 33,317. Was crazy. Took 3 stacks outta there that night.
    Hope to see you again soon.

    Matt and Kim.

  4. You two crack me up!! I don’t know how to play video poker either. Great job!! The Royal flushes were Awesome!!

    1. @Lady Luck HQ  no you don’t, I’m an experienced VP player, your play is fine, can’t get caught up in always chasing a Royal Flush unless you get dealt 3 cards to it & the other 2 are trash

  5. Wow that was definitely a “Who does that “? Moment …and by the comments you guys definitely got lucky hot , crazy good timing whatever machine.. yay 😁🥳💰❤️🍀🍀🍀

  6. Awesome 👏 double royal! I wish y’all played more video poker, my favorite!

  7. Hi LL. I don’t know how poker works but congrats on the royale winnings💞👍

  8. Phenomenal double Royal, congratulations! You doubled my best. A lady I know at the Hard Rock Tampa plays multi-hand, sometimes w/ a multiplier. She’s had dealt Royals w/ a multiplier, insane wins!

  9. OMIGOD! That was such an incredible win!! Congrats Congrats so happy for you!!!!!

  10. Amazing win!!! Congratulations!! Sending Mom prayers and light.👍😀🍀🍀💀

  11. Everything that the hubby calls happens!!! Congrats you two!!! Idk how to play poker but now I want to!!!🤑🤑🤑

  12. Only The luckiest lady on YT does that! 2 Royals with cheese 🧀 Love watching you win!! Take care.

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