My most Exciting Jackpot Ever! High Limit Video Poker, VLOG 124

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Session # 8 of 2022 Part 2

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My most Exciting Ever! High Limit Video Poker, VLOG 124

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  1. Nice session. LOL he clearly got a little drunk off those shots. Looks like fun tho. Sad his hand slipped and didn’t hold that king. Missed a 2 pair. =(

  2. Just FYI, recently people streaming live have had their in-machine ticket voucher stolen from them while LIVE and while getting paid a handpay. They cash it out and take off, not getting caught. You having all that cash laying around is so cringy-bad, not to mention you are drunk AND facing away from the pile of cash filming your buddy’s screen. Come on dude.. be smart.

    1. Definitely good advice in general, for sure. The only mitigating factor I could throw in here is that he is at the Circa, downtown, and they scan the ID of everyone as you enter the front door of the casino. If you don’t have ID, or won’t show one, you don’t get in. That really helps to cut down on the scammers, hustlers, credit miners, and street people. If someone were to be so foolish as to steal a voucher, there’d be a very good chance that security could find out exactly who they were after looking at the tapes. As a result of the ID policy, I’d say that Circa has the fewest sketchy-looking characters staggering around out of any of the downtown casinos. That said, it is a casino, so keeping a close watch and a tight grip on your cash/vouchers just makes sense.

    2. @Gregory Schmidt We all think “the guy will get caught”, but so far the 2 instances I’m aware of recently they got away. Grab ticket, cash out, out the door. By the time the people notice it’s gone, by the time they get someone on the floor, by the time they describe what happened, stealer is long gone. If they got so easily caught they wouldn’t do it 😉

  3. First drunk VLOG? Or just the first one that we know of? Ha! GL Stay Spirited my friend…

  4. You can tell on a machine when its hitting, so much fun ,they give you so many first cards on a draw you need and a lot of teaser hands.WTG♠️♥️♣️♦️

  5. Is 8/5 bonus poker a much easier game to find vs 9/6 jacks or better or 9/6 bonus deluxe? It sure seems like more places have the 8/5 bonus game vs the other full play versions.

    1. In general, yes. Although there is plenty of 9/6JoB to be found in Vegas. If you want to find it on the strip, you’re likely going to be playing $5 denom, minimum, but quite a few places have it in .25 – $1. Some casinos consider 9/6JoB to be an “optimal play” game, and if that’s all you play there, you might not get a mailer, or it may take more coin-in to earn a point. They don’t seem to be as worried about 8/5 bonus. If you want to find 9/6 BDlx in Vegas, you’ll have to head out to some of the locals’ casinos. Stations, South Point, etc.

  6. Nice Quad Aces! Where did that music come from? I feel like I’m back at Studio 54 in NYC during the 70’s!🤣🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  7. You haven’t posted anything new lately like you normally do, just wondering? Hmm

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