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  1. This represents about 5 years of playing and I play A LOT of video poker. Keep playing… they’ll be there.

  2. What casino(s) are the majority of your hits from? Great work by the way!!

  3. Thanks Vincent. Obviously I just love to play video poker. I would say 99% of those hands came in one of two casinos, Harrahs Rincon (near San Diego) or The Rio in Las Vegas. I occasionally visit other Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas and I can think of one hand in the video, 4 Aces with a kicker at $2 poker, that I got at Harrahs Las Vegas. Good luck to you!

  4. Dealt royal , *Mind melts*

    Thought I was lucky with a dealt straight flush

  5. The Royal at 5:58 is the very elusive “Sequential Royal Flush.” Impressive.

  6. Not too complicated. I sometimes take the photo while the machine is still paying. If you look at the win meter you can see that so far it’s only counted out 992 of the 1600 credits due when the photo was taken. Trust me… I got my $800.

  7. That’s pretty funny. I’m sure I realized it at the time but I sure didn’t notice it when I was putting together the video. Thanks for pointing it out. I only wish I had been playing one of those games that pays more for the sequential royal.

  8. WOW! You’ve sure had your share of Royals! They’re so hard to come by and I log hundreds of hours playing VP! Very Nice!! and I agree with you on learning the best holds for each situation. It’s difficult to be 100% perfect but increasing your odds and decreasing the house edge is always a good thing!

  9. The large majority of the hands shown in the video came from two casinos, The Rio in Las Vegas and Harrahs Rincon near San Diego. The Rio offers a really good selection of video poker machines and, combined with their friendly staff, makes it our choice in Las Vegas.

  10. I know they have much better payback schedules off the LV Strip than they do on. I’m very surprised that the VP payback is better at The Rio than at Harrahs Rincon near my home. BTW, I agree that playing more doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to come out ahead. Our hope is to stay close and make sure we take advantage of all the comps and perks Harrahs (Caesars) Total Rewards program has to offer… rooms, meals, show tickets, etc. We don’t look at those as freebies, just “prepaid”. πŸ™‚

  11. I’m right there with you. I’m at 137,500 so looks like I’ll make it with a little luck. I’m really not too sure what extra comps there are, but whatever they are, I’ll take ’em. We’ve earned them… right?

  12. It’s on a game called “Super Triple Play”. It’s normal payback on double double bonus except four of a kinds. They all pay double. For example, 4 tens would pay 500 instead of 250. Similarly, 4 Aces/k pays 4000 instead of the normal 2000. It costs one extra credit per hand to play, 18 total for triple play. I’ve had some luck with it as you can see in the video, but I’ve also had my share of dry spells. They have 2 machines at Harrahs Rincon and at least 1 at Harrahs Las Vegas.

  13. You’re totally right. I’m just not that smart. But, the $20,000 (with maximum bet) payoff on a royal is a good hand to play for. It’s my dream hand. I always play a little $5 poker when I’ve had a winning session at lower denominations.

  14. I once watched a guy playing two $5 video poker machines at the same time. He was playing a hand every 2 seconds, I’d estimate.

    1. +SLOT MAN JACK SLOT MACHINE JACKPOTS! Thanks. I love video poker and play a lot!!!! More than I should actually. I’ve accumulated enough good hands to make another video when I get the time. Appreciate the comment.

  15. Great video John ! People who see this and think they can win remember casino has the edge but if you find the best machines and use comps you can reduce the edge to close to nothing and have a good time.

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