More hands than I’ve had all Year! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 146

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More hands than I’ve had all Year! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 146

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  1. Lot of natural straight flush in a single session, so rare to do. I wish these hits pay out more and the royal flush pay slightly less to balance things out.

  2. Such a great video with so many decent wins, yet you are still down? That sucks! But it does show that big wins are coming 😉

  3. Hit quads twice in 10 mins, 10 mins later back to even begging for quads one time!

  4. Crazy when you want it bad it won’t come. Just watched my sisters friend get 4 2’s with a 3 kicker and he was playing $25 denom he got paid 100k. He started with 10k won a lot of other hands left with 90k. He played for 2-3 hours. It was at barona in San Diego high limit room

    1. Damn! That is what I call High Risk! I can’t do more than a 25 cent denomination!😂

    2. @Poker Joker I added the video on my shorts YouTube channel. Go check it out. I also put my sisters 10 row .25 denom royal flush she got 3-4 days ago

    3. @Dakota Jarvis check this comment section I added a link to a couple of jackpots that were hit recently. I’m just starting off but I will start posting more often. I have a lot of major jackpots on video.

  5. Holy Cow, Slotmassacre! I wonder how many of those Ace w/kicker hands might have resulted in 4 Aces (had the kickers not been in the hand). I liked all the straight flushes & Quad Queen hits. You’ll get’em next time!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

    1. @John’s World of Video Poker I agree! There are so many low cards left in the deck! I would rather have 2 draws to the quads! At worst you get 3 of a kind, then better quads with no kicker and finally dream quads with a kicker. 2 shots are better than 1. Imo

    2. @Michelle Russo No doubt about it. The small pair is the correct hold.

  6. Where have I heard that before? Oh, right, from everybody ever coming out of a casino. But your not like those losers, now pull out another $10K and get back in there. And good luck.

  7. Really don’t like jumping around just saying, I enjoyed watching you when it was continuous play. Might need to move on , but, like to say I enjoyed your earlier videos.. Good Luck Andrew

    1. So watch yesterdays video…. my vlogs almost won’t ever be straight play.

  8. It’s hard for me to say what I would do with some of his hands because I am always beneath the Slotmassacre. He is the reason I achieved Video Poker. Sensai Slotmassacre!

    1. There are a lot of close calls on this session for sure and some people night wonder why I would hold the 3 diamonds for example with the gutter straight draw, but it was accurate and I’m pretty sure every hand was. A good video for close plays.

    2. Your decisions are I believe the right decisions! The Game is TOUGH! It’s hard to master it perfectly and just because it’s the “right choice” isn’t always the “right choice”. You have your good days and yes you will have your bad days. Tiger Woods and Tom Brady also have their bad days! Keep Up The Grind Sensai!

  9. Fun fact: Without hitting a kicker hand or RF, 9/7 TDB is an 85% game. 9/6 JoB is about 97% without a SF or RF. So the average bankroll needed to play TDB professionally is exactly one bazillion dollars.

    1. Thanks for the info. Do you have the payback percentages for Double Bonus and Bonus Poker without hitting a SF or RF?

    2. @Chris Smith the quick and easy rule for non wild card games is that the Royal makes up about 1.5% – 2% of the return (a little less) and a SF about 0:5 – 0.6%. 8/5. BP is about 96.7% and 9/7/5 DB around 97%.

    3. Sounds about right. My experience with TDB…three steps forward…six steps backwards

  10. Changing denominations only adds to the volatility of the game; it certainly doesn’t increase the odds of winning despite what other youtubers may claim. But your videos are enjoyable.

    1. Are you a slot tech? Denomination 100% matters and increases your odds. Now the credits bet is a different story play one credit or three credits on a $5 machine is the same. But .25 and $5 machines are different odds

    2. Its called “chasing” …someone who loses keeps raising to make up their losses….sure sign of a degenerate gambler.

    3. Does anyone know if the same cards would come out if you change the game. Like if you were playing bonus and changed it to double double. I’ve wondered about this because I hit a royal on bonus after playing double double that had a high progressive game that was only for double double. It was about $15000 and bonus was only $8000

  11. I wouldn’t keep the kicker. Double your odds of hitting quads if you draw two.

  12. the title caught me I’m looking forward to seeing you hit some great hands or even hand pays

  13. Andrew, was that all off the same machine and the same session? I usually cash out and move once I hit a quad, thinking no way it going to hit again!

    1. yeah it was the same machine and session. I normally like to hop around a bit but the good pay tables are few are far between here.

  14. Keeping the kicker is really getting greedy. Better off drawing 2 cards to try to catch quads. It still pays more, plus you still have a chance to catch another kicker. The main thing is to catch that 4th card to make quads

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