Memorial Day LIVE video poker

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Memorial Day LIVE video poker

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  1. Man, you started with triple-double, my fav. Jumping to different games just doesn’t work for me, I rarely change once I start. Does it make a difference in how often you win?

    1. I was so excited when I saw triple bonus then right back to bonus poker .

  2. It would take me half the night to downshift from that miss on the Royal, lol. You recovered nicely 😁

  3. If I threw away four to royal like you did, and ON CAMERA nonetheless! I would wear a paper bag over my face, and join the Witness Protection program under a new name.

  4. The four card royal flush has an EV of 91.59575 and the two card royal flush (A,K) that was held has an EV of 2.4644. The difference between the two plays is EV 89.13135 X $10 (coin) = $891.31 or approx. 241 McRibs. We both fully understand how the RNG functions; therefore, no conclusions regarding a royal flush on this specific hand can be made. We can only conclude this unintended mistake had an opportunity cost of $891.31. I would suggest a cordial talk with your host;perhaps, additional free play might be in order. I only request a 10% “finder’s fee” for the analysis:-)

  5. Hey mistakes happen! on to the next one and bang a quick 4 of a kind! Still the best VP channel out there Andrew! Missed the live but always fun to catch up!!

  6. At the 11:05 mark, your discarded 6 would have scored you a five-of-a-kind.

  7. Your thumbnail is clickbait. You did not hit Quad 2s in this video. 😏 The quad 10s were ok though!

  8. Enjoyed the play, I’ll only do this on one hand, at 16:27 should have held for the straight flush 7810 spades.

  9. “Oh, O.K. We’re going to slow down on this one… .”
    Proceeds to immediately accelerate. 🤣

  10. stuff happens live, you can’t hit the hand you will not “draw” at.

    we all make mistakes, just we don’t film them or broadcast when we do. there are no always or nevers

  11. Mistakes happen. I did same thing once with a quad draw that hurt since I would have gotten it. Don’t know how I would feel on a Royal draw like you had. You take it better than I think I would have.

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