MASSIVE- #2 Biggest Cash Game I’ve EVER PLAYED – Poker Vlog

This is the 2nd biggest game I have ever played. Purchasing in for $3k with Spending Plan of $5k in a $5-$ 10 video game. We are with DLAZ in Long island playing winning pots in this . MONEY VIDEO GAME VLOG ACES





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MASSIVE- #2 Biggest Game I've EVER PLAYED – Vlog

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  1. About to go to covid sleep brb in 40 hours to reply to comments too ded rn guys but lmk if this hack format is trash and I appreciate you especially notification crew.

  2. Your self awareness is endearing, and hilarious. Checking aces on the turn was just smh, but also nostalgic. I remember being that clueless in cash games as a tournament donk..

    1. My suspicions were not 100% confirmed until now hahah ty for comment and support in the transition from tourney donk to eventual father with a schedule hoping to choose custom playing hours lol

    2. @Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler you’re obviously a really good player, I’m sure you’ll be a cash killer soon enough. And that really is what made the difference for me. Tournament hours are freaking endless, I feel like I can live a life playing cash. And like the format too btw. You make it interesting no matter what..

  3. Every single time a new vlog comes out I hear “push it to the limit” on repeat. LFG! He got that real poker face ninja.

  4. That was fun! Hell yeah. Enjoyed watching you mix it up in a ring game brother! Long live the Degen Nation! I’ve appointed myself Sargent of Arms by the way.

    1. Your “Sargent” is spelled Sergeant. And it’s Sergeant at Arms.
      After reading this, i wonder if it’s enough for the back seat passenger of the crash truck !

  5. showing your losses as well as your successes really highlights the highs and lows of the game. dig the format, needs more dogs for the vlog. best wishes.

  6. That was a great time Ryan. I enjoyed playing in that cash game with you. You have to come back bc that was awesome. Sorry to hear you got Covid and hope for a speedy recovery

  7. I like this format of video. But brad and rampage do this kind of stuff on repeat because they don’t know how to mix it up. Baht your fucking hilarious so don’t forget how amazing your editing gags are. Much love dude!

  8. Ryan, I, along with we, love any videos from you! Just make the fucking things, those of us working all day without the ability to get to the casino or make enough money to play in cash games, or decent tournaments, live vicariously through these fucking videos thank you.✌🏽

  9. Seeing Ryan in a long Island gambling hall is like watching Willy the Orca freed back into his natural habitat.
    The real wager was “how much Axe body spray was in that room”?

  10. Ryan, you’re one of my favorite YouTubers but I do not watch often because I prefer the cash game format videos. This video was incredible PLEASE do more cash

  11. even though you dont play cash a lot, you have a really good thought process that’s great to learn from. play more cash plz <3

  12. Yes i like this format. You’re entertaining overall my dude, I’d watch just about anything from ya 🐐

  13. Loved the way you walked through the hands and your thought process!! Gotta see you in more cash games!

  14. I love this style from you so much. It allows you to stay comedic while giving good content and a lot of hands to watch.

  15. I watch a tons of poker vlogs and have been watching yours for a while and yours is definitely number one. You provide detail without putting someone to sleep. Definitely enjoy all the comical commentary. Keep up the great work.

  16. I loved this it was so exciting waiting to see what was going to happen with the hands. Loved it!!!❤️

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