Lady in $10,000 poker tournament 6 bet shoves on me (poker professional)

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Video Modifying BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

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Lady in $10,000 6 bet shoves on me (poker professional)

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  1. When i hear about the way you played that A8 off its really does give me hope i can make it

  2. I’d be alright with watching both slots/video poker and actual poker tbh, the videos are great with anything

  3. A mix of both. I started watching when you were a degen like me who occasionally won some poker then donked off on the way out.

  4. Dude, you gotta let that outro run. Cutting it short just doesn’t feel right. I love the poker content. Keep up the great work, man.

  5. Love the poker content, also love the old slots/ video poker content with friends and Katie, I like a good mix!

  6. Ryan, your channel is literally the only channel where I watch every single uploaded video. You know what we want to see better than we do.

  7. Rampage is everywhere. I remember when he was playing almost every session at or around Boston Billiards. Now he’s crushing high rollers and going all over. Crazy world.

  8. Here’s my comment for more random degen moments and gambling and DAMN PARKOUR!!
    Poker is great and I know it lasts weeks at a time for series but man. Episodes like 7-17 were the best stretch of content was best

  9. Ryan you’re one of the creators where I truly don’t think you’ve missed. Keep making videos of the quality you’ve had no matter the topic and I’ll watch.

  10. You know when a Ryan Video is 8min long its a Huge Punt and walk of shame . Love you buddy ❤️ 😄 🤣

  11. I want all the Ryan Depaulo content. You could play putt putt and I would watch.

  12. You don’t always need to do high quality videos. Some can have more effort, but some quick old school low edit vids is fun too.

  13. More stories with those little stuffed animal things 😂… but seriously whatever you do is funny, I watch it all.

  14. I will literally follow anything you do, and the poker thing is great and i love seeing how far you have come but there is a big part of me that misses the truly degen stuff from back in the day. But again, anything you do is top tier and at the end of the day just make the content that you find the most fun/satisfying. None of us are going anywhere <3

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