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  1. Andrew, hang in there. We all take our lumps. I really do enjoy your videos. Best of luck on your next session. Cheers!

  2. That hurt watching the $125 kill you especially when the $5 kept dealing you pat hands

  3. Wtf! Every win on dollar I’m going, “Where were you at 25??” There HAS to be a big one this year for you, A. It’s coming! 😎

  4. I know exactly what you are saying!! Last year I was winning hand over hand this year I can’t catch anything!! At any casino!! I don’t think it’s luck I think the casinos have tightened down!! They are willing to give out a little chump change to keep you playing but are not paying out the big wins!!!

    1. My take is you can hold the right hands and your skill level might be good more luck involved then you might think.Casinos have not stopped paying off the big hands.

  5. Greetings from Torrance…..again! Andrew, ever since I started watching you and John, I love your winning sessions, but I more appreciate your insights into the game. Without you saying too much I can tell you are a great record keeper and are very reflective of each session. After each of my sessions(usually going home a little flustered) I try to reflect and learn. But most importantly I won’t let it bum me out too much( OK, small white lie) As long as the family is healthy and taken care of there are no problems. Plus, you live in one of the most beautiful states! Take care!

  6. 420 hands on average to get a quad. Enough said. When the variance is on your side, you can make out like a bandit. When it’s not you may just as well throw your cash in the trash. That run on the $1 denom was exceptional. Choice of game (luck) also greatly determines your success. Got my last quad Aces on JOB.

  7. just from your videos it appears that all casinos are NOT paying when it comes to big hands, i remember watching your videos when 4 of a kinds were hit alot more than they are now, best game to play would be bonus poker deluxe, its better to hit 400 than 125 for the 4 of a kinds. you seemed to do well at that before. casinos are tight as hell right now from what i hear, all over the country, they are raking the money in at this point!

  8. This has been a sucky year on high limit , you’re not alone my friend.

  9. Its been a rough year for everybody, we just dust ourselves off and keep it moving. Wishing you lots of Luck.

  10. Well you don’t quit, you have had better days. It’s all in good play and the RNG. Play well and your luck will turn. Always enjoy your videos.

  11. I can empathize with you. Although I don’t play at your level ($5 coin my max). I play at least 5 times a week. There are the high and low swings but when the low are more frequent it sucks. Only my opinion but I swore the payout percentages have been changed. Last year was amazing for me. This year, not so much. 4 to the royal 100 times a session. I know you will get that elusive BIG royal. I thought I wouldn’t get any this year and then I hit several. It will get better. GREAT LUCK TO YOU!!!

  12. Love the brutal honesty! It’s always been and will always be your trademark. Thanks for keeping it real.

  13. Odd but I find that the higher my denomination, the less often I win. Very strange. I’ve been sticking to $2 or $1 denom and winning a lot more often.

  14. Totally get it…happens to all of us…do you think stepping away for a minute or playing thru it? I guess it would depend on your bankroll…

  15. I totally agree…. It’s like the rules are changed…. So we got to change how we play 😎😎

  16. There needs to be an investigation if casinos are compromising the computer chips in these games to take everything on high denomination and only give you a pittance on lower denom. Many people are reporting this in casinos all over the states. I think they are trying to recoup their losses during the plandemic.

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