Jackpot! Three Royal Flushes on video poker at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Here I'm playing multi hand video . Jack's or better, $0.50 units, at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I had 4 cards to a royal flush, and I handled to capture three!

Jackpot! Three Royal Flushes on video at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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  1. How much per hand are you betting $240 ?
    I love that game, and your video

    1. Wright Wright. No. With 50 cent units, and with 5 units per hand, it is $2.50 per hand. Since I’m playing 48 hands at a time, that comes out to $120 each time.

  2. My moms first royal flush happened when she held a jack of diamonds and then pulling the remainder. My first royal was at a table top game at Santa Fe where I got four hearts dealt, then pulling the Ace of hearts, winning 1400 dollars. A guy at the age of 22 pulling that is a lot of money for him.

  3. I once had 5 buck put in the 5 cent jacks or better progressive went up to about 10 dollars got dealt three to a royal and got 500 dollars after overall I have lost 10 nearly 8 grand to all the casinos

  4. Great hit! I hope you know how lucky you are by simply having a casino with full pay jacks and better with multiple hands. That is the smart money. lower variance and better than even when including comps. Looks like you know what you are doing.

  5. Damn my finger would be shaking to press the deal button for a $125 bet on a video poker. Great win tho’

  6. Let us know when you initially draw a Royal Flush. Hope it happens for you. 1/650000 odds

    1. I’ve done it twice! Once on single line, and once on 10 play 25 cents = $10,000. Still waiting on bigger money!

    2. Michael I you’re in elite company but then hope you get it on 50 play 50 cent denomination. I’ve never hit drawn. But have friends who have which includes those who hit it single line full redraw.

  7. How much would the pay be for a single line royal flush at $125 bet? About $100k, no?

  8. Don’t understand why would anyone really REASONABLY okay single hand for high denom….lose so much in the process….when they have higher denom 100 hand machines

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