Insane Super High Limit Video Poker. Biggest Jackpot of the Year. VLOG #21.

This is part 3 of my November trip and we swing for the fences and play the $25 makers and make some !

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Insane Super High Limit Video Poker. Biggest of the Year. VLOG #21.

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  1. That was a ballsy move switching to Bonus Poker Deluxe at $125 a pull against that bankroll. What a blast seeing it pay off. Great Job!🍎

    1. The TDB play already sensitized that! Great quad hit on BPDX! It seems he earned it.


  3. AP nice play. Wow I rarely play $5 denom. I love the slow it down. Thought BPD was a non starter but you made it work. (Just thinking when you are playing that level 2 pair paying 10 would keep you in there longer.) You are the man.

  4. just sitting in my chair thinking to myself about running bad at 125 a pull makes me breakout in sweats

  5. Good fun. I killed it today, $2 4A with jqk, another $2 4A with 2,3,4 and to end the day a $1 RF! All max bet so very good day indeed. 5 hour session.

  6. I’ve had a few nerve-wracking stints at $10 denom ($50 a hand) when I was ahead in winnings, which makes watching this video exciting as hell (feels like I’m playing vicariously through you…smiles!). I found myself breathing sighs of relief when you would get a simple winning pair, so as to give you another shot at the big win…and this time you did it. 4 queens for 10K! I see a quad aces with kicker on TDP in your future for a cool 100k.

    1. It’s truly a thrill. Getting a pair feels SOOOO much different at this level.

  7. Always beautiful when the 4 boys come up to end the session, nice job staying in there for the quads.

  8. Great hit!!!
    Glad to see you get one. I enjoy your videos and will always like when you do commentary or lay-over odds, anything like that is good.

  9. I don’t know why I like watching others play VP, but thanks for sharing. Man no way I could play $125/hand @ 7/5. Anyway, keep posting!

    1. @Slotmassacre You have more guts than me! All BS aside, thanks for the video.

  10. When you held the 44 instead of the AQJ of hearts @ 3:11, I wanted to scream.

  11. Congrats on that 10 grand! Awesome hit. I love to play video poker (not $25 level lol). New subscriber here – good luck!

  12. I actually play bonus poker deluxe when I’m down cuz payout is good . And 1 four of a kind brings back in my game. Great on 10k . I don’t play your strategy but I love watching !

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