Insane Poker Cash Game Hand: Trip Tens vs All-In River Shove – Did I Make the Right Call?

In this we play $2-$ 5 in costa rica with other ACR group pros. We have been jammed into for almost 2x pot with Trip Ts did I make the best call?

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Video Editing BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

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Insane Poker Cash Game Hand: vs All-In River Shove – ?

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  1. Great stuff dude, always was the funniest poker vlogger! love your content man 😀

  2. Its good to see you crush cash games like this, considering you perfer tourneys like my little bro lol. Keep up the awesome vlogs bro, hope to see ya at wsop!

  3. Where u been bro!?
    Good to see new content coming out recently.
    Hope to see u during WSOP Vegas👍🏻

  4. Ryan is the player who beats you with 95 both run outs when you decide to make your yearly poker trip to the casino. Then you drive home saying to yourself “I hate live poker”.

    1. If you call a shove with JT with no club on a flop like that, you deserve to lose both run outs.

  5. Letting the guy with face tats in Costa Rica get a jam through is a + EV life move.

    1. adam22 asked what the age of consent in costa rica is. actually nvm he doesnt care

  6. Nice to have you back degen! Would love some costa rica streets antics tho.

  7. Lol at Ryan trying to “bluff out ace highs” with bottom pair 😂😂😂

    1. @Ryan Depaulo my like gave you more likes than the original poster. The original poster is officially ratio’d.

  8. Fun vid, congrats on the win! If I would have known you were in CR, I would have driven from my house in Mal Pais to hang and play.

  9. I’m really enjoying what Rob has been doing with his own channel and so I am hardcore campaigning for a Rob cutaway scene in all your content.

  10. What a really clever joke about Jon’s hat. Loving the new comedy material!

  11. I love this outro….the beat…Snoop, Travolta, Depaulo…..its the perfect world.

  12. River check with trips when the flush draw misses is definitely a good move. Other than the turn sizing, you played that hand very well. Nicely done.

  13. facing a 2x over bet allows you to lean towards folding more often because when you do finally call with your top tier narrowed calling range it will pay off.

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