I Love Downtown Las Vegas! WCVPT II, High Limit Video Poker VLOG 135

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I Love Downtown ! WCVPT II, High Limit Video Poker VLOG 135

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  1. think you should get into some more Deuces Wild

    and not just because I like that game, but also because you were doing well with it the last time you played

  2. What an odd session but somehow you were pretty tight within a range of about 400 up to 500 down for damn near 25 minutes. And to take you that long for a flush! Anyway, looking forward to the continuation!

  3. Guess Andrew hasn’t learned his lesson after losing 20k royal previously by not holding KT suited again. See karma coming again soon.

    1. Hay Andrew any two cards to a royal can hit at any time I always hold two to a Royal..Your always throwing them out?

    2. He also needs to look at the strategy chart for 3-to-a-straight flush vs one high card.

    3. I was once having a terrible session and was about to bail when i was dealt a 10 high, i figured what the hell i have 20% of a royal so i held the 10 and hit the royal you never know

  4. I have been playing low limit (.25ct/.50ct)VP for about 10 yrs now. Mostly DDBonus 9/5 and 8/5. Had more than my fair share of Royals. What I don’t understand is why I should play an 8/5 Bonus Poker instead of a 8/5 DDBonus. Is it the two pair payout?

    1. Yup you lose money a lot quicker with the DDB. Two pairs save your butt a lot in high limit.

    2. 8/5 DDB with an ER of 96.78% is unplayable. You are much better off with 8/5 BP which has an ER of 99.17% and a much lower variance (even if you have to move up to in demon). Yes, the two pair is the key. In this particular session the two pair payout was keeping Andrew alive.

  5. Power Of The Finger Only Works In The Matter Of Adult Relations….

  6. Youtube really pushing the ads. 6 minutes in and 3 ad breaks already. Always enjoy the play though!

  7. Greetings from Torrance! John would call that one heck of a grind session! I would have stayed in it just like you did. I know the 4 of a kind is just around the corner. The number of full houses and three of a kinds was just incredible. This machine was very, very, warm, but will it pay off? Stay tuned……….:)

  8. They’re getting payback for the limo ride – this session is painful to watch. Guess you ought to be thsnkful for the occasional full house. Is the deat three of a kind tesser really necessary?? Seems like a cheap trick.

  9. I agree about the music. It’s so loud in there it makes it uncomfortable. I love everything else about it but we left as it was just obnoxiously loud.. .and this was midweek afternoon. I don’t get it.

  10. What a session, that machine seems damn good hoping for any 4 of a kind on the next one! Let’s go Andrew….

  11. Dang lots of hate in the comments😂
    You had Aces full quite a few hands …… Give him a freaking 4th Ace every once in a while
    Also Andrew I enjoy your channel even if it’s not 100% VP. Jeremy Big Kat I like watching yours as well. Good luck on the rest of the tour

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