HUGE betting & MASSIVE winning! High Limit Video Poker VLOG 166

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For Patreon and Channel Members this is part 2 of session # 25 of the year and you can see my 21 different stats I track from the session on the file you have access to.

HUGE betting & MASSIVE winning! High Limit VLOG 166

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  1. Only playing .25 max bet, but after 2 years finally got a Royal. I held one card, the Ace of Clubs and, bingo, the other 4 flew up on the screen. Was at Remington Park in OKC. Nice going home with a little sumpin’-sumpin’.

    1. That’s awesome! Makes you dona double take and say, “Is this real?” LOL. Congratulations!!

    2. Thanks, Andrew and Co. Not my very first, Beth, but it is my 1st since moving to OK over a year ago. Yeah, JBlink, I thought I just got a regular flush until I looked down at the cash total for over a grand.

  2. Love these videos 🔥 can you do a video on how much bank roll you need to play

  3. 4 Aces for 10k is so sweet!! FYI, got my 1st royal of the year this week while playing and watching a VLOG of yours on the phone. The power of the VLOG!

  4. Playing high limit really showed how important it is to pick the best pay tables,and dont go to casinos that have bad ones.I have a Indian casino almost right across the street guess what I love video poker I just say no!

    1. What Indian casino do you live across the street from?

      Are you you California?

  5. Aloha sir nice run congrats very interesting vlog
    I’ve had two or else at the airport and two aces kicker at the airport soon as I go in there more than I do in town sometimes

  6. Now those are the runs you need every time 😁. Thought that royal was at the airport at first. I was going to say no way…LOL!

    1. Thanks for letting us know. But wow, a $100K Royal. I wonder how much they played before the win?

  7. This was another great video. Watched it twice! 👍 Good play, room stuff, and we like the ponderings you do on screen at the machines. Quarters must be fun for you 😂 BTW, have you seen the flooding footage of them sweeping the water out of the Circa? Crazy flooding in LV on Thursday night. Anyways, Thank you and congratulations on the aces! 😎

  8. Great Job Sir!! Thank you for sharing!!! Love&light from California 💖💖

  9. Last time I was in Vegas for 4 days I hit quad aces twice both times I was playing bonus poker. Thanks for the show.

  10. Nice seeing you win! I was chasing that sequential royal at the Aliante earlier in the year that was over $300,000, got a few sniffs, but no jackpots.

  11. Thanks for the video! If the music is too loud why don’t you turn the sound off and make comments when you edit it. Like Doc does. It’s really nice!

  12. That progressive Bonus Poker game was worth 100.7%. Definitely the best game in the house.

  13. Nice solid hit for $10,000 with the 4 Aces on $25 coin! Any hit on $25 coin is sweet! What a great free play offer from the Palms to score your 1st jackpot there. I found that the music at the Palms was way too loud also. So irritating for video poker players, not to mention having a YouTube channel. Way to Go, Slotmassacre!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

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