How to Find the Best Paying Video Poker Machines in Any Casino with Gambling Author Linda Boyd

Steve Bourie, author of the American establishment Guide, interviewed gaming author for details on how to select the best paying video devices in any casino. Topics covered include: the main difference in between slots and video ; how to read a video poker paytable; how distinctions in the paytable affect the total payback for a video poker machine; a meaning of ER (expected return); which video poker video game is the best to play; how volatility impacts the game; and more.

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How to Find the Best Paying Video Poker Machines in Any Casino with Gambling Author

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  1. Very Nice! Thank you for Sharing!!!!!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. By visiting other channels allows me to support them, and by doing this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn’t it wonderful!!! Keep up the good work. Have A Splendid Day!!!!

    A YouTube Friend

  2. I think Linda really knows about video poker but its very dificult for us to “see” what´s she is teaching because when she says an example, you, who have edited the video, dont put this example for us in the screen.
    Please help us!

  3. Ms Boyds book is really good, it gives solid information which makes you a better video poker player. Thank you Ms Boyd!

  4. Next week I’m going to Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, and as far as I can remember from my last trip, the video pokers at the bar pay 6/5 on Bonus and 9/6/4 on Double Bonus. I usually play Bonus for the two-pair payoffs to help you stay alive, but I’m really thinking about switching to Double Bonus for the bigger 4-of-a-kind payoffs. Even a 250-credit hit would be enough for me to walk away with.

    Can you give me any advice on this particular game and its volatility?

  5. Thanks, I’ll check that site out. And thanks for these videos. I actually bought the American Casino Guide 2012, and it’s just brimming with useful knowledge. I feel like a much more informed gambler.

  6. I played 7/5 Bonus Poker at Harrash in Laughlin last weekend and hit my first Royal Flush for $1000. I got a hand-pay and didn’t have to pay taxes.

  7. 7/5 was the best Harrah’s had, and only certain machines. At the bar it was 6/5 and 9/6/4 double bonus.

  8. If you’re having more fun, that difference might be justified.
    In the world of gambling, and investing, that is a huge difference on return.
    Casinos love it when people make the statement you just made!

  9. What is the name of the tutorial software you recommended for beginners? I did not catch the name. Thanks!

  10. Anyone know what cardswap is in video poker, appears when you have a hand and selecting higher or lower

  11. I like to play video poker because of the small house edge. Unfortunately, I live in New York and we have VLT’s. My understanding is they are just like pull tabs. No skill involved like the RNG’s. Is the house advantage much bigger for the VLT’s? What’s the best way to find out? Thank you and I enjoy all your videos in advice.

    1. Video poker games at New York racetrack casinos are called video gaming machines (VGM’s). The VGM’s do not operate like regular video poker machines. Instead, they are similar to scratch-off-type lottery tickets with a pre-determined number of winners. There is no skill involved in those games.

  12. As someone who doesn’t gamble regularly, i watched all of your goddamn advice videos on video poker for some reason and thought they were rather informative. Thanks peeps

  13. From what I’ve seen the only places to go are Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. I play mainly deuces wild. I like the idea of getting over a 100% payback. Of course it’s qualified based on making the best plays with each hand.

  14. Thank you Linda for taking the time to make this and sharing your knowledge with us.

  15. It’s common that most lost at slots, except for my wife. I’ve been with her for 5 years and she hasn’t lost more than once

    1. I mean no disrespect, but I find that hard to believe … unless she’s only played twice in all those years.

  16. Always a big fan of this video, still watch it once in a while so I can sharpen my game and thanks for sharing!

  17. I started—and pretty much ended—my gambling experience at a prominent horse racing track in West Virginia in mid-70’s……. I was 16, followed my friend’s father’s advice on betting on which horse……. JUST placed the bet, was hanging around the betting windows, heard our horse’s win, went to cash out and all three of us were nabbed by security for underage gambling 🙂 No significant penalty other than scrutiny the rest of the day. My sister, at age 16, walked up to the slot machine just inside casino doorway in Atlantic City, hit about $1,000 in about 1 minute……. cashed out without any age check……..
    Early 2000’s I was at an average of $300/week scratch n’ lose tickets…….. 98% of which was on attempts to break even or at least halfway……. of course. Seems like success in gambling is inversely proportional to desperation.

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