High limit Video Poker from Downtown Vegas!

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High limit Video Poker from Downtown !

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  1. Andrew, dude the wi-fi there is terrible. I know this is an old complaint but it makes the videos streamed from there unwatchable. How did the tournament go? I watched it as you smashed 4A w. a multiplier. Keep posting. But not live from there.

  2. at 1148 you held ace spade and queen of diamonds. Playing double double not the correct hold. Just saying.

  3. Finally hit a royal yesterday but was only betting 25 cent lol paid 200.00

  4. WTG ! My favorite of course coming through 😊😊😊good luck tomorrow , and have someone film you live on your phone so you can play so the dam phone ain’t in the way 🥰

  5. Awesome play! LOVE ❤️ watching you play and film all of it. Never never boring, that person in the chat during your live needs to get a life. 😝. Also, love your $ sweatshirt! Put it on your store and I will buy one for sure!

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